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01/20/13: Life & Services of Kay Siblani Honored at the IHW

Life & Services of Kay Siblani Honored at the IHW

January 20, 2013- Members of IHW dedicated the Service & Breakfast to the soul of late Kay Siblani, the executive editor of the Arab American News who passed away recently on January 1st.

Following the recitation from the Quran, Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi started the service honoring the life and legacy of a woman who served our faith and the community for the last three decades.

Imam spoke about Kay's publication and especially her book on "Islam and the Muslim Patient" as an educational document which was written 15 years ago to remove misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.

In her book, late Kay stood against Islamophobic propaganda proving that Islam is not a religion of violence, radicalism and oppression against women. She explained the main articles of the Islamic faith such as prayer, zakat, fasting, hajj and clarified many other concepts explaining that Islam is a way of life and a religion of rationality and flexibility. This book carries valuable points and is very helpful for doctors and nurses in the hospitals who may deal with Muslim patients and the issue of cultural sensitivity.

Imam recited and reflected on some Quranic verses regarding gender roles and responsibility and equality of male and female in the site of Allah in terms of rewards and punishments. The Quran judges people based on their characters and actions and not their gender or family ties. This is why the Quran admires the wife of the Pharaoh while it condemns the wife of Prophet Noah and Lut!

Imam Elahi mentioned that for the first time in the history of Islamic organizations in the area, IHW voted for a lady to be the vice chair of the board of directors.

At the end, again the imam prayed to God to bless the soul of a sincere servant of the community and humanity, Kay Siblani and expressed deep sympathy of IHW members to Mr. Osama Siblani, the editor and to the entire staff of the Arab American News. He wished them all the best in continuity of Kay's legacy and achievements.

At the end some of IHW members and participants took a group photo as a memory for Kay remembrance ceremony.