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1/24/13: IHW honors life and work of Kay Siblani

IHW honors life and work of Kay Siblani 

Thursday, 01.24.2013, 08:59pm- Arab American News

DEARBORN HEIGHTS — On Sunday, Jan. 20 the Islamic House of Wisdom here honored the life and work of Kay Siblani, the longtime executive editor of The Arab American News since 1984, when the paper first launched. 

IHW members held a breakfast in honor of Siblani, who passed away on Jan. 1 this year.  

Following the recitation from the Qur’an, Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi started the service honoring the life and legacy of Siblani, noting that she served the Muslim and Arab American communities for nearly three decades. 

He discussed her role as an editor, and her commitment to raising awareness on the health issues concerning Muslim and Arab Americans. 

He praised her book, Islam and that Muslim Patient, a guide on treating Muslims in American hospitals, saying it was educational. The guide was written more than a decade ago to remove misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.  

Imam Elahi says the book helped breakdown stereotypes about Islam. Some of the stereotypes include misconceptions that Islam is a religion of violence, radicalism, and that women are oppressed under it. 

The book also touches on many elements about Islam such as prayer and fasting rituals. 

“This book carries valuable points and is very helpful for doctors and nurses in the hospitals who may deal with Muslim patients and the issue of cultural sensitivity,” Imam Elahi said. 

He prayed before the crowd asking God to bless Siblani’s soul, calling her a “sincere servant of the community and humanity.” 

He also expressed sympathy to Osama Siblani, publisher of The Arab American News, and the paper’s staff, and wished them the best as they carry on the legacy she left behind.