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4/26/18: Osboo Memorial so passionate and Impressive despite of No Electricity, No Generator! Candles Lights with Cordial Hearts Did make it!

Osboo Memorial So passionate and Impressive Despite of No Electricity, No Generator! Candles Lights with Cordial Hearts Did make It!

Big part of Dearborn Heights was out of power last Sunday afternoon. Some friends asked what if we cancel the Osboo memorial? My answer was, let the spiritual light defeat the physical darkness!

At the end all were happy we kept our commitment to the souls of late Sami and Laila Mesbah Arabi. A brother and sister who passed away on the same day in Lebanon. (Allah Bless Their Souls)
Honorable Dr. Ali Ajami, Hajj Hassan Arabi and other family members warmly shook hands and welcomed the guests.
Br Zohair Alawiya and sheikh Ahmad Hamoud did a great job as they always do.
Imam Elahi dedicated his humble words about the best pattern of parenting.
How can we leave a legacy of righteous sons and daughters while departing this world so we would save their prayers for our souls?
From choosing nice names, teaching them the words of God, the love of His messenger, training them good character, discipline, responsibility, respect, love, peacefulness, friendliness, good communication, humbleness, honesty, understanding, organization, prayer and charity.
All parents are encouraged to read chapter of Luqman and letter 31 of Imam Ali in Nahjol-Balaqa and also the Charter of Rights of Imam Sajjad (SA), those texts are full of guidance on how to talk with our children!
So as children must be loving, kind and humble to their parents, the parents should be communicating with their children responsibly, correcting and not cursing them! Purifying and not punishing!
Considering the youth crises of identity and the dangerous threats to our new generation, the power of parenting is central in managing the challenge of our children!