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4/26/18: The Legacy of late Hajj Abdallah Solaiman siblini honored at IHW.

The legacy of late Hajj Abdallah Solaiman Siblini honored at IHW

Both Imam Elahi and the founding editor of AANews, Mr. Osama Siblini admired the late hajj for his education, hard work, humbleness, moral values, generosity, faith and friendship.

Reading verses from the Holy Quran, imam Elahi asked the audience what would be our legacy after we leave this short life and start our journey of akhera and eternity?

Mentioning the legacy of leaders such as MLK, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, imam Musa Sadr, Dr. Ali Shariati and so many other revolutionary reformers, the Imam emphasized on the legacy of standing for justice, freedom and truth while rejecting hatred, hypocrisy, fear mongering and war.