09/06/13: Dearborn Community Leaders Met with Congressman John Dingell- Discussed Syrian Situation!

Dearborn Community Leaders Met with Congressman John Dingell-    Discussed Syrian Situation!

September 6, 2013- Last Friday,   Congressman John Dingell joined a group of religious and community  leaders at the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights, Michigan to listen to their views on President Obama's position on Syria.

Welcoming  the Congressman and participants, Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi, thanked  Mr. Dingell for making time to meet with everyone  . 

Imam   Elahi expressed his absolute opposition to any US military engagement in Syria. "Any kind of military strike would add to the suffering of  Syrian civilians and will multiply the chaos, confusion, death and  destruction in the Middle East", the Imam said. "More damage to the  image and long term interests of America is another consequence of a  military strike on Syria."  

Imam   stated that if President Obama does not like to listen to Russia,  China, Iran and many other countries throughout the world, he should  listen to the UN, the Pope, the British parliament, the European Union  and majority of Americans who oppose military attacks on Syria.

Post   9/11 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were to fight al-Qaeda, while in  Syria our government is helping al-Qaeda! The media told us that 14 out of 19 Al-Qaeda agents were from Saudi Arabia! Again today it is the  money, media and manpower of Saudi Arabia behind al-Nosra and other  al-Qaeda forces in Syria.

For all of these  reasons it is a big mistake and absolutely wrong for our administration  to intervene in this war, though its been involved indirectly through  other parties from the beginning! 

Imam   Elahi stated that using chemical weapons is a big crime against  humanity, yet we need to listen to the UN report and if necessary launch   an independent investigation free of political games to figure out the  most effective way of serving truth and justice. At this time the Syrian  government denies any involvement in chemical attacks, while there are  some interviews from extremists acknowledging use of chemical weapons  with the help of Saudi prince, Bandar Ben Sultan. If these allegations prove to be true, then the administration should tell us what should be done to stop al-Qaeda from chemical attacks.  

Al-Qaeda have demonstrated maximum brutality and barbarism against innocent Syrians,  they have no mercy even to the graves of those people who died more than  a thousand years ago. They attacked the shrines and killed the people in  the mosque even in the night of power!

The  government of Syria is secular but it provides freedom of religious  expression for all. The Muslims and Christians can worship freely, but  al-Qaeda have no respect for any other religions. They destroy both  mosques and churches and they kill both imams and priests!

Imam   Elahi said the fact that the Saudi government is ready to pay for the missiles doesn't justify the strikes. The Saudis are behind terrorism in  Iraq and Syria, and they do everything to export their takfiry  terrorists to their countries.

Imam   Elahi reminded the Congressman that with a new president elected by the  Iranian people, this is a perfect time to bring peace to the Middle   East. It is a foolish mistake to start another war adding to the  unprecedented tragedy that already exists. Imam asked the Congressman to   use all of his power to stop the administration from attacking Syria.

Following  the statement of Imam Elahi, the floor was opened for the comments of  participating leaders of community centers and organizations. Each  expressed their disagreement with US military engagement in Syria.   

Sayyed   Mohammad Kashmiri was the last speaker who reminded the Congressman  that if the US government is interested in a democratic transition in  the Middle East, the best place to start would be from the worst levels of dictatorship. Noting the dictatorship in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia where   women do not even have the right to drive a car to some other tyrants in  the Middle East.  

After   listening kindly and patiently to everyone's remarks, Congressman John   Dingell thanked Imam Elahi for his invitation and hospitality, and  addressed some of the serious concerns of the community.  

The Congressman  showed understanding and sympathy with the audience and said he was  pleased to hear the points of the people in his congressional district! He stated that he would decide about the nature of his vote  after hearing the Congressional discussion as well.