09/08/13: Interfaith Service of Prayer for Peace at Littlefield Church

Interfaith Service of Prayer for Peace  

September 8, 2013 - Sunday, In a special interfaith service of prayer at Littlefield Church in Dearborn, Imam Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom, Pastor Fran Hayes of Littlefield Church and Cantor Roger Skully presented prayers on behalf of each faith tradition.  

As a part of the Islamic representation in the service, Yousef Makki presented the call to prayer (adhan) while Younas Makki recited from the Holy Quran. Members of Littlefield Church shared part of their prayer tradition through music including, "Songs of Peace" and "Let there be Peace on Earth".  Rev. Bill Gepford led each of the faith leaders in lighting a candle for peace.

Pastor Fran addressed participants of the faith communities with words of prayer and encouraged cooperation amongst community members. Calling for unity, she requested, "that all of us gather together as neighbors from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities to practice a respectful presence as we share the wisdom of our various traditions and pray together. May we make new friends and leave with greater hope and resolve to meet again and work together for peace in our communities and beyond."   

Also some of those who were present in the occasion: Mayor of Dearborn, John "Jack" O'Reilly, Jr., IHW Vice-Chair Hajjah Vicki Ashker, Hajjah Jennifer Elahi, Hajj Hamza Makki, Hajj Eid Alawan and son, br. Hajj Eid Alawan, Hajj Tarek Beydoun & Ronald Stockton   --      Video of Imam Elahi's prayer will be posted soon! Stay tuned!