2/16/17: Interfaith Leaders Met to Discuss Countering Islamophobia

Special Thank You to Dr. Basha for your leadership & hospitality!
Last Night, Imam Elahi met with a wonderful group of interfaith leaders at the Basha Medical Headquarter in Royal Oak.

Dr. Yahya Basha, Howard Brown, and John Akouri organized the meeting, welcoming the guest speaker, Robert J. Silverman- the U.S director of Muslim-Jewish Relations.

The meeting was to discuss countering Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism.
Imam Elahi mentioned the importance of mobilizing Americans against hatred and fear mongering in all shapes and forms.
He mentioned the meeting of Netanyahu with president Trump and expressed his disappointment of Trump's approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Apparently, Trump left it for Netanyahu to find a solution to end the occupation and decide whether he wants one or two States!!!
The problem can't be solved without serious leadership and intervention of the US, it requires a sincere intention for peace and justice. If the president thinks that the situation is messy now, certainly the mess will be greater if we leave the decisions for the selfish and arrogant guys.