2/22/17: Conference in Tehran- Support for Justice in Palestine!

A Great Day of Solidarity with the Suffering!

Delegations from 80 countries of the world mainly speakers and members of the parliaments and some individuals known for their support for justice in Palestine met in Tehran yesterday!

I am not a parliament speaker but IHW is a humble religious parliament when it comes to social outreaches and defense of the truth and good causes domestically and globally!
The leader of Iran ayatollah Khamanei opened the international assembly followed with tens of the world parliamentary leaders who shared their views on issues related to justice and in particular, the Israeli- Palestinian conflict!
It was a unique opportunity to talk with so many diplomatic delegations! When I met with the speaker of Lebanon, speaker Ostad Nabi Berry he said " please pass my salaams to my Dearborn community, to my أبناء العم" - another word for my uncle's children.
I will share more information in the next opportunity!