Marriage Course-A success!

Marriage Course- A Success!

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On December 2, 2018, the marriage foundation at the Islamic House of Wisdom held a very unique course on marriage and how to prepare for this long life commitment that one undertakes.

The main course objective was to prepare everyone with the specialized skills and knowledge required to succeed and have a smooth marriage that lasts forever.

This one day course consisted of four presentations by highly qualified lecturers.

The first presentation was an opening discussion held by Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi talking about the importance of marriage and how it is highly emphasized upon in our religion. Highlighting the messengers words “marriage is my tradition, whoever dislikes my tradition is not From Me”.

The second presentation was delivered by Dr. Imam Kazerooni on the criteria of an ideal spouse. The Imam touched bases upon some important characteristics one should take into consideration and what to refrain from when looking for an ideal compatible spouse.

Following, in the third session, Dr. Imam Kazerooni and Hajji Sabah Beydoun discussed the roles and responsibilities of each gender towards one another and merging of these roles with understanding, cooperation and devotion!

The last session was presented by Dr. Boshra Almoayed, MD, Board-Certified Psychiatrist under the topic “Discover yourself to know your partner”. Many of the problems that occur during married life are from issues that we have carried with us from childhood making a huge effect on how happy and content we are or not with our spouse.

The course concluded with question and answers, touching on matters that were discussed in the lectures and other marital issues.

This first unique marriage course was a great success and will be offered again in the coming months! We encourage all to please join us for more of our marriage courses that will go deeper into some topics that were discussed!