December 18th"World Against Violence and Extremism"

December 18th "World Against Violence and Extremism"

In December 2013, The United Nations General Assembly approved a proposal which resulted in a call for all nations across the globe to denounce violence and extremism!

Despite of recent agreements, criminal war and violence against civilians continue in Yemen. While tens of millions of people are under both fire and famine, starving people to death is used as another weapon of mass destruction by Saudis, Emirates and their corrupt coalition.

Last week in a meeting of Imams Council, Imam Elahi suggested taking advantage of the anniversary of the World Against Violence to call for a protest against war in Yemen in front of Saudi embassy in Washington DC. Surprisingly one of the imams disliked my idea and said if we want to condemn the Saudi regime, we must also condemn the Syrian regime !!!

Imam Elahi was amazed to see while even the majority of the senators in the US Senate passed resolution against the war in Yemen and condemned the Saudi prince for the criminal killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, there are people among Muslims and even imams who still unhappy of any criticism of those thieves of the Muslim umma. Those who abused the Holy Mecca and get trillions of dollars from both petrol and pilgrims and instead of using it in the path of peace and prosperity of their people, using it for more death, destruction and darkness in the world.

MBS used to be acronym for Mohammad Ben Salman, now is acronym for Mr. Bone Saw!!