7/13/18: Expression of Appreciation to an Old Friend!

Expression of Appreciation to an Old Friend!

Shared by Imam Elahi-

I love Hajj Hussein Hamoud. When I arrived at the Islamic Center of America in Joy Road, Detroit 27 years ago in 1991, the Hajj was the chairman of the board. I have so many good memories from the hajj’s iman, integrity, hard work and commitment to serve the Creator and the community.

He is now over 90 years old and can’t walk without walker, yet his mind, heart and soul as sharp as the first time I saw him!!

His wife passed away few years ago and his son Ali died few months ago, yet the other children rotate daily to spend time with him.

His daughter Mona though decided to be with her dad and to live with him, she is doing a big sacrifice, bless her heart! Sadly Mona went through a heavy car accident recently though hamdellah miraculously survived and was visiting her doctor the time I visited her dad this afternoon.

The touchiest part of today’s visit was when hajj Hussein said mawlana during my daily prayers recently sometimes; I don’t trust my memory and feel that I might miss the order or some words! Can you please listen to my prayer and tell me if anything I missed?

I listened to hajj Hussein's entire prayer and said sobhanallah, my dear hajj you didn’t miss any single word or deed anywhere in your prayer. Your prayer was perfect, May the Almighty continue His grace and blessings on you and provide your daughter Mona with a speedy recovery.

I like to ask our community members to let me know of any other senior brothers or sisters that I should go and pay a visit. As you know I am extremely busy and don’t have enough time even for my own family, yet my community members are also like my family members, I love to meet and listen to their life stories and memories of their journey that they love to share. So despite of my busy schedule I would do my best to make that happens Insha’Allah.