7/20/18: Last Friday-4 hours of interfaith Presentation, dialogue and bridge building at islamic House of Wisdom!

Last Friday- 4 hours of interfaith Presentation, dialogue and bridge building at Islamic House of Wisdom!

Dozens of faithful Christians from all over of the US and Canada attendedFriday prayer service at IHW and spent another 3 hours of questions, answers and chatting with Imam Elahi and some IHW members after the prayer!

A big part of conversation was aired live and it gave opportunity to the viewers to send their comments and questions!

Although the questions were mainly religious and spiritual, imam Elahi added some social and political aspects specially on the current Islamophobia viruses in the media and social networks!

Some of the questions were answered by imam Elahi included:

Islamic views on the nature of relationship between Muslims and Allah

Islamic understanding of God’s justice and forgiveness!

Christians believe that Jesus can forgive sins, do the Muslims share this concept or they believe that forgiveness of sins related to God only?

What are the words of comfort the Muslims exchange with the families who lost their beloved ones, especially during the tragic incidents?

How do Muslims find peace with God in this violent world?

How the Muslims experience God’s love in their personal life?

What the Muslims mean by saying all God’s prophets were Muslims?

How the Muslims can prove the truthfulness of Mohammad as the last messenger and the Quran as the final revelation?

What are Muslim beliefs about the end times?

There were much more questions and imam Elahi tried to keep the answered short to cover as many points as possible!

At the end IHW distributed some Islamic publications related to interfaith among the guests!

Some members of IHW interfaith committee joined the Imam and participated in the discussion!

Both Christian delegations and members of IHW were so delighted with this deep and faithful dialogue and continued chatting even after the meeting officially ended!

We thank God for yesterday passionate opportunity and pray to Him to guide the forces of hatred, greed, warmongering, animosity and arrogance to the straight oath of peace, justice, love and humanity!