6/28/18: Travel Ban, Immoral, A service to Injustice

Travel Ban, Immoral, A service to Injustice!

June 27, 2018, Wednesday- A Group of Conscientious,True American Patriotic, Gathered at Campus Martius to Protest Immorality of Travel Ban! The Ban Became Legal but Not Moral!

The Supreme Court Turned the Travel Ban on 7 Countries, Majority of them Muslims to a Law, But the Ban Still Immoral!

Imam Elahi was one of the speakers at downtown Detroit at Martius Park.

Imam Elahi's Words included:

Today’s ruling is a service to injustice, oppression, discrimination and racism. 

Ban on those Muslim countries that have been fighting isis was a reward to terrorists and a punishment for those who sacrificed all they had to defeat the isis. 

Travel ban is absolutely unjust, it's an attack on the integrity, image and interests of the US in the world. 

Our silence on this is a serious sin, though no fast solution for this dangerous decision, yet not giving up either! We will continue our opposition to this legislation through our determination, dedication, unity and our vote in August!