6/28/18: Today's meeting with His Excellency Allen H. Vigneron Archbishop of Detroit at Archdiocese!

Today’s meeting with His Excellency Allen H. Vigneron Archbishop of Detroit at Archdiocese!

Imam Ali (as) Nahj Al-Balaqa Was Presented to The Archbishop!

Continuity of Dialogue to Deepen the Relationship We Already Enjoy Was Emphasized!

It was to thank Catholic leadership for his Ramadan message and for standing for justice, unity and religious liberty!

His Excellency welcomed Imam Elahi and his accompanying delegation from IHW and other community organizations including clergy members sheikh Ali Nassoor, Sayed Alireza Mosawi, Hajja Nawal Hamadeh, Hajj Nasib Fawaz, Imad Hamad,hajj Ahmad Alzaroui, Dr Fras Hamada, Hajja Sabah Beydoun, imam Aref, Dr Alireza Mosawi, Dr Salar and Anaya Shehab!

Imam Elahi thanked the Archbishop for his Ramadan message and for sending a high delegation from the Catholic Church to IHW interfaith Ramadan Iftar dinner!

Archbishop Vigneron expressed happiness that despite of some theological differences between two faith traditions, Muslims and Christian can enjoy respectful relationships and work together for peace, justice and for promotion of religious liberty.

Imam Elahi presented a copy of Nahj Al-Balagha to the Archbishop and read imam Ali’s sermon 160 explaining the purity, simplicity, love and sacrifice in the life of Jesus Christ!

Imam expressed his sadness and also warning of those who claimed passion for Jesus yet using the Bible to justify racism, separation, slavery, Islamiphobia, and discrimination!

This is exactly what the so called Muslim extremists did when justified their crimes in the name of God and the Quran.

Imam Elahi concluded that it’s necessary that the mainstream Muslims and Christians and other faith traditions to stand together against extremism in their own communities and remove the evil of ignorance that causes all those diseases of fear, hate, division and discrimination!

Then the floor opened for an hour of comments and questions from the participating guests and the Archbishop addressed each and every point with sincerity and wisdom.

The continuity of communication and cooperation was a mutual promise of the leadership of the Catholic Church, imam Elahi and the Muslim organizations represented in this visit!

The Muslim delegation left the Archdiocese office while escorted kindly and friendly by the Archbishop Allen Vigneron, David J. Conrad Coordinator of Ecumenical and Interfaith Dialogue and some members of Archdiocese staff.











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