6/28/2018: Some words by Imam Elahi in Saturday's Protest in front of the Saudi embassy in Washington DC!

Some words by Imam Elahi in Saturday's Protest in front of the Saudi embassy in Washington DC!

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It was an inspiring experience to be with hundreds of faithful from different States gathering in front of Saudi embassy in Washington DC to protest the kingdom's crimes against humanity including demolishing the historic spiritual sites in particular the Shrines of 4 Imams and many righteous companions in Baqi in the holy city of Al-Medina!

Imam Elahi was one of the speakers invited by the Baqi organization! The following are some of his words...

"8th of Shawwal is one of the most painful public morning in Islamic history!

In a day like today in 1926 an army of ignorance, injustice and brutality under the authority of the Saudi household and the ideology of Wahhabi-Takfiry demolished the shrines of 4 infallible Imams and many other righteous companions of the prophet under the excuse of sherk and bedaa!

In reality it was and it is not about religion but money, power and domination!

The same thing about the other products of this Takfiri ideology such as al-Qaeda, Alnosra,, Alshabab, bokoharam, isis and Taleban! They all are used as instruments to hijack the Islamic faith!

Protesting the destruction of Baqi is not a Shi’a issue, since those shrines were built, visited and honored by both Shia and Sunni for over 1000 years!

Considering the role of Imam Baqer and Imam Sadeq and their contribution to human salvation and civilization , demolishing of Baqi by the Saudis was an attack to human cultural and educational heritage! So today we must say condolences to every human with conscience anywhere globally!

We are here today to say we never forget this crime, as we never forget Ashura,

We are here today to continue our call for reconstruction of Baqi shrines!

We are here today to ask the UN that if you are powerless to protect those places of worship at least protest their destruction by the forces of darkness and oppression!

How come you protested the destruction of Buddhist statues in Afghanistan but silent of the Saudi and its mercenaries in attacking places of worship in the Middle East?

Off course it takes one phone call from the White House to stop Saudi atrocities in beheading of the innocent and bulldozing the holy buildings!

In the absence of any pressure from the White House the Studies get green light to continue their bloodshed, barbarianism and brutality!

Though we lost our hope in DC politicians but not in the Lord of this world. We continue our prayer and tell the corrupt kingdom of Arabia that the light of the Lord of love, compassion and justice won’t be extinguished with your mouths, money and military! God would complete His light regardless of your evil expression and actions!"