7/6/18: Interfaith Leadership Lunch Turned to a successful dialogue!

Interfaith Leadership Lunch Turned to a Successful Dialogue!


Some of the statements made by the speakers:

God Cares about Your Hearts More than your Race, Religion and Nationality.

If some people get united for common evil, we should be able to get united for common good!

We need deeper friendship, bridge building, connection fostering and more appreciation for diversity.

Living in a frustrating world, we may not have solution for every problem, but giving up should not be an option.

In the darkest hours of history always some people rise up and make deference!

When one of us is hurt, all of us should hurt! If we don’t suffer when others are suffering, we don’t deserve to be called human beings!

The conclusion was to find more ways to foster more dialogue, more exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences among our communities and our nation!

Let’s thank Islamic Center of America for hosting this great interfaith lunch!