8/3/18: Another Amazing Day of Dialogue, Bridge Building, Brotherhood and Guidance at IHW

Another Amazing Day of Dialogue, Bridge Building, Brotherhood and Guidance at IHW.

Almost Two Hours of Interfaith Session, Questions and Answers!

Some members of a non-denominational Church from Memphis, Tennessee drove 13 hours to reach to Dearborn MI to visit Islamic House of Wisdom, meet with Imam Elahi and ask questions about Islam.

Imam Elahi asked the delegation about taking the hardship of 13 hours driving to get to IHW and the answers were so inspiring and humbling.

They said they came to Dearborn to ask their questions directly from Muslim sources. They pointed to the current gap and division in the country and irrational fear of Islam, called Islamophobia!

They mentioned that they are tired of fake news from the Fox News and some other media about Islam and interested to have a discussion about all these issues.

Imam Elahi welcomed the guests and passionately appreciated their thirst for the truth. Imam answered all the questions faithfully and friendly. 

From prayer to politics, war and peace, the Quran and the Bible, Jesus and Mohammad, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Judaism and Zionism, gay and abortion, mosques and churches, faith and family values……

No doubt the interfaith interaction is a great way to end the ignorance and injustice and to bring better understanding and cooperation among this nation of immigration. 

IHW is a community center and also an interfaith platform, welcomes delegations from any community and culture interested in fact finding and truth searching.

Watch Highlights of the Discussion: HERE