Imam Elahi's Address at the World Sabbath Annual Celebration!

Imam Elahi’s Address at the World Sabbath Annual Celebration!

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20th World Sabbath Celebration at Islamic House of Wisdom- A Great Success in The History of Dearborn Interfaith Work!

For the majority of Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists and other traditions who entered a mosque for the first time in their lives, they expressed their sincere appreciation for this experience and the kindness and hospitality of IHW congregation and Dearborn area Muslim community!

Imam Elahi passed the Peace Banner for 2020's Annual gathering to Rev. Mary Biedron of Farmington North Congregational Church!

Summary of Imam Elahi’s address at the World Sabbath!

"We at IHW feel so honored, humbled and happy to host the 20th Annual World Sabbath. First time in the Dearborn area and first time in a mosque!

We honor the memory of late Rev. Rod who initiated this event 20 years ago in Michigan, as we thank Mrs. Gail Kats for keeping this wonderful legacy!

Thank you clergy community and city officials for your presence and participation!

Special thank to our interfaith children who are here to sing the songs of love, peace, justice, friendship, forgiveness, respect and reconciliation!

They will say “ let there be peace on this earth and let it begin with me”

They will sing the song of “ we don’t want war any more”!

That is a wonderful message!

That means this generation telling the world:

No tyranny and terrorism any more!

No oppression and injustice any more

No invasion and occupation any more

No holocaust against the Jews any more

No war crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza any more

No genocide in Yemen, Syria, Afghanestan and Iraq any more.

No stunning, barbarian murder of Khashogies in Istanbul Embassy and be rewarded by money worshiping politicians in the East and West any more!

People need food and Friendship! People need security and service, being in Detroit or DC, Kabul or Cairo, Syria or Sanaa, Africa or Venezuela20th century was a century of great success in silence but spiritually a century of insanity and crazy destructive wars!

Over 250 million people were killed during the major wars which were launched in the name of nationalism, Communism, Colonialism etc!

If it’s true that our US governments spent $7 trillion in the last few decades in wars in the ME, then they should tell us if we have peace in that region now?

If a small portion of $700 billion of annual spending on war and military, contributed toward peacemaking , education and dialogue, the world would be much safer and happier!

Imam Elahi emphasized on celebrating the similarities between the world’s religions in so many values such as kindness, compassion, hospitality, humbleness, charity, prayer and patience!

The imam reflected on the Islamic greeting of Salaam and said peace start from our hearts, extended to God, people and universe!"