Muslim Capital Day a Great Success!

Muslim Capital Day a Great Success!

The event was organized by MMCC!

The speakers included MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Fadwa Hamoud from Attorney General, Rep. Abdallah Hamoud, Dr. Hadidi the president of MMCC, imam Masmary, Judge Bernstein and Imam Elahi.

The following is a summary of Imam Elahi's speech!

Thank you Dr. Hadidi and MMCC for your leadership, time and talent in arranging this event!

Thank you members and staff of Capital for your welcoming spirit and hospitality.

We are here to offer you the message of our Muslim community, the message of salaam, peace , love and friendship!

We are here to support your work in defending our democracy, diversity, dignity, constitution, bill of rights, Declaration of Independence, and American values and principles!

Our heart is broken to see these days one of your colleagues is under attack, harassment, psychological terror and life threat.

It’s not about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, it’s about racism, hatred and Islamophobia

This tactic was used in 2016 election and this sick tsunami of Islamophobia already started before 2020 election.

What does this poor lady has to do with 9-11?

She even signed a bill demanding compensation for 9-11 victims!

If the president cares about 9-11 why did he veto a bi-partisan resolution to end the war crimes in Yemen yesterday?

To accuse a member of Congress for 9-11 while dancing with those related to 9-11 and calling them good allies this is a big hypocrisy. This is not acceptable!