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09/18/13: Imam Elahi appreciates the powerful message of the Pope calling for peace in Syria!

Imam Elahi appreciates the powerful message of the Pope calling for peace in Syria! 

Imam's Message to the Archbishop of Detroit.   

Honorable Archbishop of Detroit,  Allen Vigneron, 

The of message of His excellency Pope Francis declaring this Saturday as a day of prayer and fasting over the war and violence in Syria was extremely enlightening and inspiring.

"I appeal strongly for peace,War begets war, violence begets violence. I exhort the in

ternational community to make every effort to promote clear proposals for peace in that country without further delay, a peace based on dialogue and negotiation, for the good of the entire Syrian people."

We sincerely appreciate this passionate and powerful message of peace and reconciliation, meant to end this brutal and bloody war in Syria!
The Pope used the name of Mary, Queen of Peace to bless the peaceful efforts and help bringing healing through dialogue and reconciliation in Syria.

The Quran admires the virgin Mary 34 times by name and honers her purity, love and leadership in many more verses. Certainly Mary and her heavenly son should be of the strongest links of unity and bridge building between the Muslim and Christian worlds.

Extremism, terrorism, war and killing of innocent people under any name, with any kind of weapon are crimes against God and humanity. As we pray for peace, we ask for an objective and independent investigation free of politics and media games to serve the cause of truth and justice in Syria.

The message of the Pope is an extremely meaningful, moral, humble and honest outreach to the world about the  suffering Syrians and bloodshed. This can be celebrated as another turning point in development of more dialogue, understanding and cooperation between Christian and Muslim nations!

I will ask the Muslim community during our next Friday prayer to demonstrate their support for the Pope's path of peace. This is a wonderful opportunity for our faithful communities in the metropolitan area to take advantage of this inspiring call and participate in any prayer and action that promotes peace and stand against acceleration of the war and violence.

Please let me know if the Archdiocese of Detroit is planning any prayer like the one that will be held in Saint Peter's Square, so i can share the information with the members of our congregation. I am sure that many faithful would love to come and join you in a prayer for peace and reconciliation.
Please pass our best regards and salutations to His excellency, Pope Francis!
Salaam - Peace!
    Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi