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09/12/13: Imam Elahi's Interfaith Prayer On the Anniversary of 9/11 at Dearborn City Hall






      September 12, 2013    



Imam Elahi's Interfaith Prayer On the Anniversary of 9/11 at Dearborn City Hall    

Yesterday, September 11, 2013-  Leaders and members of the Interfaith community gathered at Dearborn City Hall for a service of prayer and remembrance of 9/11.  

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Below is an excerpt of Imam Elahi's benediction prayer:  

       We are here this evening  to honor the memory of 3000 innocent Americans and other nationalities who lost their lives more than a decade ago, on September 11 2001.

      The tragic terrorist attack on the Trade Center in New York was an unspeakable crime not only against America and humanity but against a peaceful religion, hijacked by the forces of ignorance and greed.

     We should never forget that tragic time, the suffering, and the sacrifice of the victims and the painful wounds on the hearts of their families.

   Prayer is the most powerful medicine to bless those souls and to heal those hearts with hope and determination!

    Prayer is the best spiritual protection, purification, and the purpose of creation according to our Abrahamic traditions!

     This is why 9/11 is a National Day of Prayer! A day of remembrance and reflection, a day of sadness for the lost souls and solidarity with their survivals.

    A day of salutation and support for those individuals and organizations whose maximum courage and commitment in saving lives in the most desperate moments of need in 9/11, brought maximum pride and dignity for our nation.

      As we mourn the lost lives, we move forward to defend the principles of freedom and justice, to work together in the path of peace and prosperity for our nation and the world.

      We honor that legacy and commit ourselves to continue our cooperation as one nation in any humanitarian project that promotes peace and prosperity, comfort and harmony for our fellow citizens and the world.

    We ask You, O Lord to open our hearts and minds to Your heavenly peace.

    To shower Your wisdom, vision, grace and love upon us, let us be Your ambassadors of reconciliation, peace, compassion, justice, generosity and salvation!

     Provide us with great victory over our internal enemies, ignorance, ego, arrogance, anger, jealousy, hypocrisy, selfishness, prejudice and hate!

     Help us to stand against poverty, racism, war, violence, corruption and oppression.

        O Lord, those agents of terror and tragedy who lost their sense of   humanity and caused the 9/11 catastrophe keep recruiting more suicide   bombers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon and now in Syria.

O God,  They practice all kinds of brutality and bloodshed under Your name.  Please confuse their plans and save the innocents from their harm and  evils.

They forgot what You said in the Old Testament and the Quran that:

"Destroying one innocent soul is equal to destruction of all mankind". 

      O God protect our country from another 9/11 and save those countries suffering from their daily 9/11!

     Let America be the symbol of liberation, rule of law, democracy and diversity! 

        Let our nation be a role model of love, logic, respect, tolerance,  bridge building and brotherhood. A nation of John F Kennedy and Martin  Luther King!

Bless American pluralism, so we celebrate our similarities and appreciate our differences!

    Let's learn   from Noah's patience, from Abraham submission, from Moses courage, from  Jesus love, from Mohammad wisdom and from You all of the meanings, all  beauties and all the perfections!     Ameen!