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04/16/13: Imam Elahi's statement on the tragedy of Boston's bomb attack!

 Imam Elahi's statement on the tragedy of Boston's bomb attack!          


April 16, 2013: We at the Islamic House of Wisdom strongly condemn the tragic and criminal bomb attack on the Boston Marathon. Regardless of who the perpetrators might be and what their purpose was, this evil and cowardly crime has no place in any faith or human integrity and common sense. Participants of the Marathon had no political agenda, they attended a peaceful exercise to live a healthy life without any thought their lives would be put at risk.

Our prayers go out to all the suffering families in Boston. We pray for a fast recovery and healing of those who were wounded.

 At the same time we condemn the daily deadly terrorist attacks in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other areas in the Middle East. Criminal Al-Qaeda agents and their allies ruthlessly target innocent civilians in the mosques, churches, markets, and other public places. Thousands of people are losing their lives or get injured every week. The terrorists are getting all kinds of support from some regional authoritarian regimes. Continuity of support for the terrorists in the Middle East may inspire other evil forces in the USA and Europe to copy and carry similar criminal operations such as the Boston brutality.

Our administration should demonstrate zero tolerance for terrorism, regardless of region, race, religion or political relationship!

Its a duty for the Muslim community according to the true teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) to stand against terrorism under any name or motivation.

While we enjoy the opportunities in America, we must remember our responsibility in promotion of what is good and prevention of what is evil. Again we pray for the victims and the suffering survivals of the Boston Marathon!