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05/15/13: Imam Elahi's Message to Members of the Shia-Sunni Imams Council in Michigan

      May 15, 2013    

Imam Elahi's Message to Members of the Shia-Sunni Imams Council in Michigan

Dear Imams and Religious leaders! Salaam and Blessings!

The enclosed video and link show an anti government rebel eating the heart of a Syrian soldier.
These are horrific footage and stories, which have been condemned by the United Nations as war crimes.

I have a humble request for all the imams and leaders of Friday prayers to collectively condemn this extremely uncivilized and barbaric attack on humanity in sermons of this Friday.

Unfortunately these evil acts are committed in Syria's civil war every day. When a similar crime was committed against martyr Hamza, the uncle of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) in the battle of Ohod, the messenger of God asked the Muslim community to show their sadness for Shahid Hamza with the tears of their eyes!

This is not about whether you are for or against the government of Syria; it is about crimes against Islam and humanity. It is about stopping the criminals from continuity of their ugly acts under the slogan of "Allah Akbar" and in the name of our peaceful and compassionate faith. Those terrorists are the biggest enemies of Islam and humanity.

They are fueling the fire of Islamophobia and there is no room in any religion or even any atheist ideology for this kind of evil and practices.

The Syrian civil war is a devastating war to all Syrians, Muslims and Christians. We pray for a quick solution to stop the bloodshed and spare innocent lives, a solution that would allow the return of hundreds of thousands of refugees to their homes.
Certainly the war in Syria is not a war between the Sunni and Shia, and those who are committing crimes in Syrian are not real Muslims. In addition, both Shia and Sunni's in Syria are the target of horrible terror and destruction.

Syria is a great nation and a wonderful civilization. The Syrians, like everyone else, deserve to live a good life under the rule of law and respect for civil rights but the Syrians themselves must determine their political destinations.

Certainly there is no military solution for the conflict in Syria. We must support a diplomatic resolution to end this catastrophic conflict.

At the same time, please pray for the suffering people in Burma, the Muslims who go through daily genocide and barbarism in Myanmar. The world must break its sinful silence while observing the brutal bloodshed of the poor and the oppressed in Burma.

- Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi