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11-26-16: "Messenger Mohammad is Your Magnificent Moral Model!"

"Messenger Mohammad is Your Magnificent
 Moral Model!"

The Quran 33-21

لَّقَدْ كَانَ لَكُمْ فِي رَسُولِ اللَّـهِ أُسْوَةٌ حَسَنَةٌ!

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi

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 A Little Reflection & Remembrance!


The man whose great soul ascended to the Kingdom of Heaven in a night like tonight lived on this earth only 63 years, yet every moment of his life became manifestation of miracles and extraordinary observations!

An orphan whose dad died before his birth, followed with the death of his mom few years later became an anxious, loving and faithful father for humanity!

Despite of going through all pains, persecutions, wars and violence by the pagans of Arabia, prophet Mohammad courageously and patiently continued his call, conveyed his message and left his ever lasting legacies before tonight spiritual flight!

Mohammad (pbuh) was a beautiful example for all, in his relationships with his Lord, his family, neighbors and finally as a merciful messenger for mankind!

Mohammad and his Lord!

So passionate about his prayers and times of connection with his creator. The calls for prayer were his most calming and peaceful periods of the day. He called the prayer the light of his eyes, the pillar and power of his spiritual life. At least one third of his night time was dedicated to meditation and recitation of the Lord's words!

Mohammad and Morality

Even before his prophet-hood, he was known as truthful, trustworthy, fair, forgiving, pious, patient and polite. He never lied, never broke his words, never used bad language in his entire 63 years of worldly life.

Mohammad and People

He used to respect people regardless of their race, religion and social status. He never hated, humiliated nor harmed anyone for any selfish reasons. He used to listen carefully and answer the questions and comments with short but calculated wise words with smile and courtesy. Once he visited a Jewish lady in neighborhood, who used to throw her garbage in front of the prophet's house and now sick and suffering in her house. She was shocked with the love and integrity of the prophet personality and declared her faith in Islam after that surprising visitation! He cared for people and used to reach out to talk and consult with them, despite of receiving revelation and guidance from God.

Mohammad and his Family.

Despite of being extremely busy with his daily Divine duties, challenges and struggles, he used to dedicate some time to his family, helping them at home, showing them his love and respect . Though his first wife Sayyeda Khadija was 15 years older than him, he loved her so much and he never married till she was alive and used to remember her and pray for her till the end of his life.

When the prophet died tonight, he survived with one daughter Fatimah who became the link of his progeny with blessing until today.

Mohammad and Personal life!

His care for cleanliness was amazing. He said cleanliness was part of his faith. Washing hands before and after eating, brushing his teeth all the times, putting perfume, stopping eating little before becoming full, dressing white clean clothes, staying silent unless he had to say something, very friendly and flexible, yet strong on his principles, kind and charitable, never saved money, shared all he had with the poor and the needy in every opportunity.

His life was an experience of faith, trust in God, practicing what he preached, expression of his integrity and setting a source of guidance and grace for humanity.

So sad and unfortunate that even after 1400 years from his departure from this earth, his person, personality and principles misunderstood by majority of the world population! What is even more unfortunate and heart breaking is that some of those who claim to love and believe in prophet Mohammad yet ignorant and brain washed and used by the people of power, greed, dictatorship, selfishness and sin, as tools of terror and bloodshed. They target the true believers of Mohammad and murdering them ruthlessly day and night. They have nothing to do with the merciful and moral religion of Mohammad.

Al-Qaeda, isis, Al-Nusra, Bokko Haram and their partners, supporters and trainers are spots of shames and crimes against prophet Mohammad, Muslims, Islam and the world.

Time to wake up and know the enemies who fuel the fire of hatred and make market for Islamophobia!

May God bless us with light of Mohammad and other Heavenly ambassadors of light and love such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus so we can be saved from this deep darkness of ignorance, injustice and immorality of our time!