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12/22/16: "Assassination of Russian Ambassador in Ankara: A Crime Against the Core Teachings of Islam!

Shared on Facebook by Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi

"Assassination of Russian Ambassador in Ankara: A Crime Against the Core Teachings of Islam!

There are more than one statement from prophet Mohammad (pbuh) condemning harming ambassadors and diplomatic delegations regardless of their faith or political orientations.
The prophet didn't allow any harm even against the ambassadors of Musailema Al-Kadhab who had claimed false prophethood. He said a faithful would never kill anyone with surprise. The prophet said he hated someone who might kill a person who has been provided immunity regardless of his faith background.
What the Turkish policeman did was extremely disgusting! He committed an act of terrorism, betrayal of trust, breaking the promise of protection. It was extremely immoral, zero manhood and integrity. Coming from a policeman whose job is to protect the people makes it even uglier and more evil and disgusting.
The ambassador was the guest of that gallery, he was unarmed, and he had immunity from the Turkish government. Don't shoot the messenger!
In the past we condemned killing of Libya J. Christopher Stevens the American ambassador in Benghazi, we do take the same position today about killing of Andrei Karlov the Russian ambassador in Ankara.
We are against murdering any innocent anywhere in the world, being in Aleppo, Yemen, Jordan, Iraq, Myanmar, Egypt or in Germany, but why the Turkish terrorist was crying for Aleppo only? At least in Aleppo the buses are carrying even the armed terrorists to their destination of choice with peace and security? While Mevlut Mert Altintas barbarian bodies burned the buses aimed to evacuate the wounded and suffering people from the Syrian towns of Foua and Kefraya!
Are not the residents of those towns or even suffering people in Reqa Syrians? So why the Saudi and Israeli media are crying just for Aleppo?? Well one reason, their poppet terrorists were defeated in Aleppo! They don't care about Aleppo residents otherwise they would stop this criminal war and let 11 millions hungry and homeless Syrians get back home and start building their country again.
As a UN official said it took 4 years to destroy what was built in the last 4000 years as Aleppo!
Well one day this oppressive and unjust war will end and the sacrificing Syrians will build their country again inshaallah.
قال النبی (ص)
الایمان قید الفتک, لا یفتک المومن
وقال (ص) من امن رجلا علی دمه و ماله ثم قتله فانا بری منه و ان کان المقتول کافرا

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