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01/21/16: Justice: The Main Mission of All Messengers- the Source of Peace, Love, Health and Happiness

Friday Prayer, Tomorrow at 12:30pm-

This week's theme by Imam Elahi: "Justice: The Main Mission of All Messengers- the Source of Peace, Love, Health and Happiness "


Last Sunday- Imam Elahi's Opening Prayer at MLK Annual Observation!

We would like to congratulate the Dearborn Area Interfaith Network for their wonderful MLK service.
It was nice to see Mayor John O'Reilly, some members of Dearborn Hts City Council and a great number of Muslim-Christian religious leaders in the program. There were a good number of young members of both Muslim and Christian congregations in the audience.    

We would also like to thank Rev. Phillips and his staff at Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church for hosting us. Special thanks to the members of Interfaith Network, 

in particular- Rev. Fran Hayes, Fr. John Cramer, Pastor Colleen Kamke and hajja Lila Amen for their commitment and consistent attendance to the monthly planning meetings and their effective role in making this service successful.
As you see the current political controversies in our country and the world can't be ignored even in our prayers!! 

In the name of God, 
the Compassionate, 
the Merciful!

Thank you, O Lord for having us together as one interfaith family. Family of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and other spiritual ambassadors on this earth.

Each family member may call You with different names, but You are our single source of creation, guidance, prevision and prayer!
We thank You for Martin Luther King who became a human rights hero a conscience of our country and a shining light of struggle and integrity.

Please allow us also- To go up to the mount so we receive a better vision of Your desires for this world.
Bless our hearts with love and humility, our minds with vision and wisdom, and our wills with determination to serve You and Your creation!

Please help us to replace hatred, hypocrisy and hostility with love, logic healing and harmony!
To replace racism, discrimination and segregation with dignity, solidarity, equality and connection.

Please protect our political leaders from dishonesty, warmongering, ignorance and injustice. Guide them with the light of integrity, accountability and honesty and help them to celebrate with the rest of the world the recent victory of wisdom over war, dialogue over destruction and freedom over imprisonment! 

O God both Islam and Christianity, Muslims and Christians are targeted by the forces of tyranny, terrorism, violence and war, especially in the Middle Eastern and African, please save those suffering people and helpless refugees from the evil of those satanic forces who occupy, oppress, intimidate and murder men, women and children under Your name. Please let's see the triumph of peace and truth over the tragedy of terrorism, tension and transgression and polluted politics soon. 

Please continue to bless us with courage and freedom from fake fears and phobias. Keep remind us to be one nation under your glory, indivisible with liberty and justice for all! Ameen!


Muslim's Social and Political Interaction is an Obligation!

Yesterday morning, I had a meeting with two active members of the Republican Party in MI. Former Senator Norman d. Shinkle Sr. and Mr. Harry Sawicki.   Both hajj Zohair Abdol-hak and I criticized the Republican Platform of 2012 of Tampa and the current controversial Republican figure Donald Trump.  

The discussion lasted over an hour and the answer was that the only way for Muslim community to be represented rightly in the political climate of the country is the engagement and interaction of the Muslims with the rest of the society including the current political parties.  I agree! How the Muslim community expect to be understood and recognized with no participation?  My request especially of the young people in our community, please get involved. To observe the islamophobia and keep suffering without doing anything to increase the social awareness won't help the cause.  

Interfaith is another instrument of learning and teaching.  This Sunday the doors of Islamic House Wisdom will be open at 10am. Not only Muslims but all Christians in the area are welcome to join us and ask any question about Islam, Muslims, and our position towards isis, alQaeda and other terrorists groups.  Freedom is a great gift, let's use it, ignorance is the biggest enemy, let's fight it!


We all know about Fox News and the Sean Hannity show - Sending wrong messages to the nation most of the time!

It's extremely stressful to attend these kinds of shows, answering wrong questions without having the right time!

Yet, I feel guilty to reject the call! What if my words can contribute to awareness of even one individual?
Based on the feedback from past, the experience though hard but worth it.
Saying all this, we are in the learning process, growing to meet bigger challenges.
If you saw the show, please share your feedback!


Congratulations to Amen and Suleiman Families.

Wonderful Marriage Ceremony Lead by Imam Elahi. 

Imam performed the marriage between Abraham Amen and Anwar Suleiman and wished them a happy, healthy and successful family life.


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