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3/3/2016: Fatimah, The Daughter of the Prophet (pbuh): A Lady of Light, A Gate of God's Grace, A Legacy of Love, Compassion and Beauty!

Friday Prayer with Imam Elahi at 12:30pm...

this week's theme-
"Fatimah, The Daughter of the Prophet (pbuh): A Lady of Light, A Gate of God's Grace, A Legacy of Love, Compassion and Beauty! "

O you who have faith! When the call is made for prayer on Friday, hurry toward the remembrance of Allah, and leave all business. That is better for you, should you know! [62:9]

English Sermon of last week by Imam Elahi- "Ideal Quranic Society & Islamic Community"  ______________________________________________________________________________

In the Name of God, The Beneficent, The Merciful...




Friday & Saturday

 (March 4th & 5th) at 7:00pm!

Guest Speakers: 

  Hajj Abatha Al-Halwachi 

 Sayyid H. Bahr AlAloom

 & Br. Jalal Moughania


Interfaith Dialogue at the IHW:  Various Subjects related to Islam Highlighted & Questions Answered!  

A Great Atmosphere of Sharing Information, Education & Celebration of Better Understanding Among the People of Diversity!    

   Islamophobia, the real meaning of Sharia law, extremism, culture, racism, Takfiri theology, Islam and people of the Books, the question of justice and human dignity, the true meaning of dialogue, sharing personal stories, existence of diversity in Islam and other Abrahamic traditions were among the subjects discussed and answered by Imam Elahi.

Everyone who wanted to talk had a chance to express their ideas. We hope that one day, these local conversations turn into national platforms in our country. 

The freedom is a gift and we must use it in the most sincere and responsible way!

We were touched by so many personal and kind words of appreciation from our passionate guests. We will let you know of our next gathering!


Amir Hekmati Attending IHW Friday Prayer Expressing Appreciation for His Freedom!
Shared by Imam Elahi- Read Online HERE

Mr. Hekmati stopped in our office after the prayer to thank the Islamic House of Wisdom and the Council of Imams for their contributions and communications with the leaders of Islamic Republic for his freedom.

Amir told me that after I visited him in Evin prison in Tehran, the attitude of people in charge of the facility towards him changed. They were surprised to see the imam of IHW spent time in Tehran to make that visit possible and had an hour of face to face private meeting with Mr. Hekmati.

I congratulated Amir for returning to his family safe and asked him to use his experience in a positive way and try to inspire better bridges rather than walls between USA and Iran. That would be a great service to both nations. Enough of warmongering and tension, we need peace, understanding and cooperation.


Gathering of fatiha and Arba'een remembrance for the Soul of the late, Ali Ahmad Baydoun held at the Islamic House of Wisdom. Imam Elahi expressed his condolences to the Baydoun and related families.