Congratulations to the Fradi and Makled Families!

Congratulations to the Fradi and Makled families!

In an atmosphere full of faith and friendship, imam Elahi performed a marriage covenant between Diana Fradi and Hassan Makled.

The imam reminded the groom and the bride to always remember the commitment comes out of “I Do” declaration. Marriage is a journey of joy, generosity, love, respect and sometimes sacrifice for the sake of strengthening this blessed union.

Imam Elahi also addressed the youth in audience, encouraged them to take the search for finding a right spouse very seriously and prepare themselves for forming a faithful and fulfilling family. 

Islamic House of Wisdom has established a marriage foundation to help the singles in that direction.

Congratulations to Diana and Hassan. We wish them a happy and healthy marriage relationship.

December 18th"World Against Violence and Extremism"

December 18th "World Against Violence and Extremism"

In December 2013, The United Nations General Assembly approved a proposal which resulted in a call for all nations across the globe to denounce violence and extremism!

Despite of recent agreements, criminal war and violence against civilians continue in Yemen. While tens of millions of people are under both fire and famine, starving people to death is used as another weapon of mass destruction by Saudis, Emirates and their corrupt coalition.

Last week in a meeting of Imams Council, Imam Elahi suggested taking advantage of the anniversary of the World Against Violence to call for a protest against war in Yemen in front of Saudi embassy in Washington DC. Surprisingly one of the imams disliked my idea and said if we want to condemn the Saudi regime, we must also condemn the Syrian regime !!!

Imam Elahi was amazed to see while even the majority of the senators in the US Senate passed resolution against the war in Yemen and condemned the Saudi prince for the criminal killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, there are people among Muslims and even imams who still unhappy of any criticism of those thieves of the Muslim umma. Those who abused the Holy Mecca and get trillions of dollars from both petrol and pilgrims and instead of using it in the path of peace and prosperity of their people, using it for more death, destruction and darkness in the world.

MBS used to be acronym for Mohammad Ben Salman, now is acronym for Mr. Bone Saw!!

Marriage Course-A success!

Marriage Course- A Success!

B91A0637 copy.jpg

On December 2, 2018, the marriage foundation at the Islamic House of Wisdom held a very unique course on marriage and how to prepare for this long life commitment that one undertakes.

The main course objective was to prepare everyone with the specialized skills and knowledge required to succeed and have a smooth marriage that lasts forever.

This one day course consisted of four presentations by highly qualified lecturers.

The first presentation was an opening discussion held by Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi talking about the importance of marriage and how it is highly emphasized upon in our religion. Highlighting the messengers words “marriage is my tradition, whoever dislikes my tradition is not From Me”.

The second presentation was delivered by Dr. Imam Kazerooni on the criteria of an ideal spouse. The Imam touched bases upon some important characteristics one should take into consideration and what to refrain from when looking for an ideal compatible spouse.

Following, in the third session, Dr. Imam Kazerooni and Hajji Sabah Beydoun discussed the roles and responsibilities of each gender towards one another and merging of these roles with understanding, cooperation and devotion!

The last session was presented by Dr. Boshra Almoayed, MD, Board-Certified Psychiatrist under the topic “Discover yourself to know your partner”. Many of the problems that occur during married life are from issues that we have carried with us from childhood making a huge effect on how happy and content we are or not with our spouse.

The course concluded with question and answers, touching on matters that were discussed in the lectures and other marital issues.

This first unique marriage course was a great success and will be offered again in the coming months! We encourage all to please join us for more of our marriage courses that will go deeper into some topics that were discussed!

Speaking with the US Senator Gary Peters About Saudi War Crimes in Yemen!

Speaking with the US Senator Gary Peters About Saudi War Crimes in Yemen!

Last Friday night, Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Islamic Association of Greater Detroit gave Imam Elahi an opportunity to talk with our Senator Gary Peters.

Imam Elahi expressed his concern and disappointment of the Muslim community about the century’s worst human tragedy in Yemen under the war crimes of the Saudi Royal Family and the stupid son of king Salman. Though the Khashoggi brutal murder would be a spanking disgrace on the face and history of Saudi messy monarchy and the MBS must be held accountable for it, but the criminal war in Yemen against the poor people who are dying out of starvation, disease and famine should not be ignored anymore!


Senator Peters agreed that president Trump’s position on Khashoggi and Yemen and his nonstop support for the Saudi regime is sending an embarrassing message to the world.

It tremendously damages the image of America. It's telling the world that we don’t care about democracy, human rights, justice, truth and any other moral values but money, oil and politics. 

Senator Peters promised to keep supporting the recent Senate’s resolution on the Saudi regime and its war crimes and human rights violations.

Thank You Archbishop Allen Henry Vigneron the Leader of Michigan Catholic church For Visiting our Muslim Community and Islamic Institute Today!

Thank You Archbishop Allen Henry Vigneron the Leader of Michigan Catholic Church For Visiting Our Muslim Community and Islamic Institute Today!

We appreciate decades of our respectful relationship, cooperation, bridge building and standing together for religious liberty, justice and fighting hate, fear mongering, ignorance and extremism.

The speaker of Michigan House of Representatives, Tom Leonard Called Imam Elahi to the stage To open the House Session With Words of prayer. Imam Was hosted by Rep. Sylvia Santana of the District

The Speaker of Michigan House of Representatives, Tom Leonard Called Imam Elahi to the Stage To Open the House Session With Words of Prayer. Imam Was Hosted by Rep. Sylvia Santana of the 9th District


December 5, 2018: Text of Imam Elahi's Opening invocation!

"Before starting my humble invocation, I would like to thank Mr. Speaker, members of this great House and in particular my host Rep. Santana for giving me this opportunity to share few words of prayer, asking the Highest Power of this Universe for guidance and grace!

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, The Merciful...O Lord of Glory, Love, Wisdom and Integrity!

Bless each member of this body with courage, commitment and compassion, so they help the people of our State to enjoy security, services, civil rights and equal opportunities in education, family progress, job and prosperity. 

We ask you Lord to assist this assembly to be always a place of dialogue, dedication, hope and harmony. 

Please help our representatives to continue their fight against all forms of poverty, prejudice, racial and religious discriminations. Save them from any harm, confusion and contradiction.

Direct our representatives with Your Divine Light so they can easily identify the state’s priorities and principles over any personal or political interest or orientation. 

Please let the light of Your Divine Wisdom enlighten their debates and direct their decisions, and Let their resolutions represent Your Devine wisdom and Your desire for peace, truth and justice.

Let our Michigan inspiring diversity be an example of moral excellence for our nation and let our beautiful country be a shining example of defending democracy, human dignity, and standing against any forces of tyranny, terror, corruption and murdering of the innocents nationally or international.

O Lord bless us to stay One Nation, One country under One Great and Glorious God Amin!"

IHW Welcomed the members of Neighboring Cherry Hill Church Under the Leadership of Rev. Mark Philips For An Orientation and Dialogue About Islam!

IHW Welcomed the Members of Neighboring Cherry Hill Church Under the Leadership of Rev. Mark Philips For An Orientation and Dialogue About Islam!


It was an enlightening 2:30 hours of Imam Elahi presentation and answering questions and comments.

The discussion focused on the Quranic views on the Islamic principles of Al-Tawhid (God’s Oneness) Al-Nobowa (the prophetic figures in the Quran) and Al-Qiyama (the Day of Resurrection).

The similarities on the mission of the prophets including calling for faith in One God, submission to His Will, the concept of worship, standing for peace, justice, piety, love, brotherhood and rejection of oppression, injustice, hate, hypocrisy, racism and ignorance!

Imam Elahi dedicated a big part of his presentation to the danger of extremism in Islam, Christianity, Judaism and other faith traditions and also warned about the spread of white nationalism and racism in our nation.

Discussing the danger of religious, political, moral and cultural corruption and its impacts on the gun violence and mass shootings across our nation and also war in Yemen, murder of Khashoggi, situation in Gaza was other parts of the world.

The Imam answered the questions on Islamophobia and emphasized on continuity of this kind of dialogues and the necessity of cooperation between Muslims and Christians against ignorance and the threat of extremism in any forms and styles.

Rev. Philips and the members of Presbyterian Church called the evening, an evening of wisdom at the House of Wisdom and thanked imam Elahi and the members of IHW interfaith committee for providing such an enlightening outreach!

An Inspiring Night of Faith, Fellowship, Food and Conversation at HFC. New babies sponsored by Muslim families were honored during honored during last night dinner!


An Inspiring Night of Faith, Fellowship,Food and Conversation at IHW. New babies sponsored by Muslim families were honored during last night dinner!

God bless you Dr. Kamal Khalid and ur wife for your vision, dedication and dignified deeds to serve pure causes of faith and humanity!

May God bless the members of ur team, beloved brothers like hajj Mohammad Abbas and his family and other families for participating in supporting the sponsorship of the kids from suffering families and nations and raising them with moral values and principles!

There is no words able to describe the blessings and beauties of your actions!

I wish we didn’t face the Trump bans and were able to extend our hands of help and healing to the Syrian,Yemenis and Gaza kids who are dying out of hunger, disease and bombardments!

You are good role models for our communities and our great country!

Best wishes!

International Conference on overcoming Division, Building unity!

International Conference on Overcoming Division, Building unity!


The role of faith, government and civil society leaders!

The House of Saud’s Holocaust in Yemen Must Stop Now! If the number of the Jews effected by the horror of Hitler 73 years ago in Germany was 6 million at max as said by some Jewish sources, the number of Yemenis effected by the Saudi pharaohic family’s genocide on these days is over 22 million people in Yemen!

Imam Elahi raised the Yemeni situation both in some of his remarks and also conversations with other religious and political leaders in the two days during an international interfaith conference in New York!

The sanctions must be applied on Ben Salman and other vicious and violent gangs of Saudi Royal Family and not on 80 million innocent population in Iran!

Mr. Trump! Please stop isolating America and eliminating American integrity and principles through your continues support for the dictators and specially the criminal kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its barbarian mercenaries in the Middle East!

They are the murderers of Jamal Khashoggi and hundreds of thousands of other innocent people in Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Iran,Afghanistan, Africa and America! Their Takfiri ideology is the birthplace of isis and other terrorist gangs in the world!

To turn a blind eye on the horror of that house is the most shameful and unpatriotic foreign policy ever imagined! America deserves better than this!

America should survive even without Saudi oil and money!


Islamic House of Wisdom Community Dinner Inspired Unity and Outreach!Awarded Distinguished Local and National Leaders!

Islamic House of Wisdom Community Dinner Inspired Unity and Outreach!

Awarded Distinguished Local and National Leaders! 


The Awardees of this dinner included Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, the ISNA President Dr. Sayyid Syeed, the President of IAGD Dr. Ghaus Malik and Rev. David Kasbow representative of World Peace Federation.

The Awardees addressed the assembly of almost 700 guests and spoke about community related issues. Mr. Osama Siblani, Dr. Talal Turfe, Dr. Mary Assel introduced the Awardees. Dr. Mohammad Ajjour welcomed the guests and Mr. Mahdi Elahi was the MC of the program. 

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi highlighted some major local, national and international developments. Some words shared by Imam Elahi- 

"I am so honored and humbled to address such an assembly of peace, love, unity and brotherhood. We signed the code of honor between Muslims and Christians at IHW and Rev. David Kasbow was part of it and we celebrate it tonight!

Imam said this gathering reminds of the Rumi poetry when he said “The souls of dogs and wolves are separated but the souls of the loving lions of the Lord are united”. Imam Elahi spoke about certain spiritual and social diseases such as warmongering, violence, fear-mongering, lying, deception, dehumanization, hate, hypocrisy, racism, fascism, exclusion, extremism, intolerance, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, isis, al-Qaeda, Takfiris, fake alt-right groups and concluded that all these cancerous diseases caused by either ignorance or greed. 

Imam pointed out human tragedies in Yemen, Gaza, Syria, Bahrain and Afghanistan and said it’s more tragic to see these happen in God’s name and religion. Imam explained some Quranic verses that call for peace, justice, unity, love and brotherhood and said that actions of those criminals have nothing to do with Islam. 

Imam Elahi also talked about 47000 cases of gun violence in America this year, and attacks at schools, places of worship and other public places and warned about the danger of far-right groups and white supremacy and those who use God’s names to justify their extremism and animosity against others. They have nothing in common with the Jesus who said love your Lord and your neighbors as much as you love urself. The Jesus of hospitality and humbleness, Jesus who stood for the poor, the sick, the strangers, not the Jesus who separates the children from their parents! 

Yes America has been a Paradox all the time. Land of freedom and slavery, light and darkness, peace and war. Both Mark Harris an extremist preacher from North Carolina, And Rashid a courageous, Muslim woman from a Palestinian family and Ilhan Omar who is a person of color, refugee, from Somalia, Muslim, with complete hijab entered the Congress. 

This is the duty of our families, mosques, schools and the media to work together to save our kids from alcohol, drugs, depression, suicide, getting lost, getting involved in violence, stealing and crimes. 

This is what IHW is doing through education, teaching the true teachings of Prophet Mohammad, his righteous companions and his Ahlul-Bayt. Imam Elahi asked the community to support IHW's services in education, interfaith, outreach, school and also its marriage foundation.

Special thanks to all who participated and contributed to make this Dinner Event a Success!

11/1/18: Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi welcoming words and statement during an interfaith press conference at the Islamic House of Wisdom!

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi welcoming words and statement during an interfaith press conference at the Islamic House of Wisdom!


November 1, 2018

Honoring the victims of hate, fear-mongering, war, violence and terror from Tree of Life Synagogue, murder in Jeffersontown, crime against journalist Khashoggi, massacre of innocents in Yemen, Syria, Gaza, Afghanistan and other suffering zones in the world.

Honorable religious and community leaders, honorable guests, salaam, shalom, peace and good afternoon.

Welcome to this press conference of condolences, sympathy and solidarity with the families of victims of hatred, war, violence, terrorism and oppression.

Our heartfelt condolences to the families and the congregation of Tree of Life Synagogue. As a Muslim community, we are with you and we feel your pain. We ask the Lord to bless with strength to cope with your loss.

After this terrible tragedy, we, in the Muslim community, express our support for our brothers and sisters in the Jewish faith with our voices, blood donation, money, time and mosque resources.

We may disagree over politics, but the Muslim community has always respected Judaism as an Abrahamic tradition whose prophet Moses (pbuh) is honored in the Quran 136 times and the true teachings of the Torah and the values of Jewish faith.

Based on the Quran, protection of places of worship such as synagogues, churches, temples and mosques is a religious duty of every Muslim. One way to save our spiritual, educational and other public places from violence is to restrict weapons of mass murdering anywhere on the streets of America. At the same time, we must continue to stand up and speak out against hate, fear-mongering and gun violence.

The way to  make America great again is to honor its Constitution, its Declaration of Independence, its democracy, its religious liberty, its diversity and pluralism instead of creating division, harassing immigrants, inciting anti-Semitism and Islamophobia and sending bombs to media and people you disagree with.

To achieve these goals, we need a new vision in our political leadership. People blessed with the gift of courage, conscience, compassion, commitment standing for truth, justice, unity, love, integrity and American values. I hope this Tuesday's Midterm election sends a stern moral and mighty message. 

As we mourn with the families of victims of this horrible tragedy at the Tree of Life synagogue, let’s not forget other victims of hate, racism and oppression. From the murder of African-Americans in Jeffersontown to the unspeakable and unbelievable murder, dismembering and destroying the body of an unarmed Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi by the Saudi royal family, followed with everyday lies, propaganda and dishonesty of the corrupt kingdoms of Arabia.

As people of faith and followers of the Abrahamic traditions, we must stand against injustice, hate and hypocrisy. From the war crimes in Yemen, to the death and injury of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza, to the criminal terrorism of the Taliban in Afghanistan, ISIS in Iraq, Syria and Libya, to the brutality and dictatorship in Bahrain.

Martin Luther King spoke for all of us when he said: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Thank you for your presence and patience!

10/26/18: Some Words of Prayers, Presented to the Assembly of ACRL at Dearborn Art Center on Thursday October 11th!

Some Words of Prayers, Presented to the Assembly of ACRL at Dearborn Art Center on Thursday October 11th!

Imam Elahi was so impressed with the dynamic diversity of ACRL (Arab American Civil Rights League) assembly at Dearborn Art Center!

Thanking Chairman Nasser Beydoun and the entire ACRL leadership and volunteers for their honorable, inspiring, courageous outreach and advocacy!

These are some words of prayer by Imam Elahi -

In The Name of God, the Compassionate the Merciful

O Lord of Life, Light and Love!

Thank you for encouraging us to be here this evening to speak about the weak, the voiceless, the victims of racial or religious bigotry, hatred and marginalization!

Thank you for inspiring the leadership and members of ACRL to choose the path of protecting our community and our nation’s civil and Constitutional rights and responsibilities.

O God You mentioned in Your final Scripture, sent to Your last Abrahamic messenger Mohammad that Truth and Justice are the foundations of Your Heavenly expressions.

Your messenger also told us that any empire may survive with atheism but not injustice.

Strengthen us O Lord with courage, commitment and capability so we call, combat, serve and sacrifice for truth and justice.

Let the shining light of justice end the darkness of evil, ignorance, extremism, arrogance, stubbornness, greed and carelessness.

O Lord as our nation is getting sick of the poison of current political polarization, guide us all on the election day of November nine, through Your universal ways of wisdom, vision, mercy and grace, so we identify those public servants who may stand not only for our material interests but also the integrity, moral values and principles of our community and country. The Leaders willing to remove the walls of violence and disunity and build bridges of understanding and brotherhood.

As we honor that 16 year old Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi, we ask You Lord to help Israeli rulers to learn from the experience of last 70 years that occupation, oppression, injustice, torture, bloodshed may bring more pain but not more peace! Please help them understand that this is not about a problem between Islam and Judaism but justice and injustice. 

O Lord let the murderers of Jamal Khashoggi who have been beheading and bombing Your innocent people for so many years to learn that their money can’t buy them eternal time, certainly the cries of the oppressed and tears of their broken families will bring them soon to the courts of justice both in this world and hereafter.

Our final prayers for the victims of today’s tragic Hurricane in Florida, the most disastrous flood ever in that area. May God save their lives and empower them with the hope for returning home soon and start healing and reconstruction of their cities and towns. Ameen.

10/19/18: Planning for Martin Luther King Anniversary Remembrance and Neighborhood Outreach Discussion!

Planning for Martin Luther King Anniversary Remembrance and Neighborhood Outreach Discussion!


Some representatives of the Dearborn Interfaith Network met at IHW to discuss the details of annual MLK event. 

In the beginning of this meeting imam Elahi shared his experience of recent interfaith successful conference at Divine Child Church and emphasized on the importance of neighborhood communication. Love your neighbors and pray for your neighbors are of the most fundamental messages both in Christianity and Islam.

Imam asked the network to look at association and socialization with our neighbors both in Dearborn area and sister cities as a priority in 2019. This way the clergy community both in the mosques and churches call their congregations to open their hearts and homes to their neighbors and remove the walls of separation, ignorance, hate, racism and isolation.

During this meeting the brutal and barbaric slaughtering of the Saudi citizen and American resident late Jamal Khashoggy by the murderers of the Saudi monarchy was condemned.

The network concluded that standing for justice, human rights and dignity is a moral and religious obligation and this is why we honor Martin Luther King as a human hero who fought for freedom, justice and integrity.

In its community dinner on November 9th at 6 pm, IHW is providing some complimentary seats for interfaith activists. Please call IHW to save your seats. Some local and national leaders will be honored during this dinner.

10/12/18: Standing United in Defending Human Rights and Dignity!

Standing United in Defending Human Rights and Dignity! 

“Together, Against Hate, Violence and Terror". Listening to Those Words and presentations was Extremely Moving. I asked AHRC chair Mr. Imad Hamad to share some of those awakening message, so more people get benefit.

Thank you AHRC For Your Inspiring and Enlightening Forum & Dinner Last Night in Bintjbeil Center in Dearborn!

10/12/18: Reclaiming Intellectual Primacy Conference at United Nations

Reclaiming Intellectual Primacy Conference at United Nations

Today’ UN conference was intended to bring together some thought leaders to discuss the Muslims right position in the world community!

The speakers addressed some fundamental Islamic concepts such peace, justice love, knowledge, Moderation, service, bridge building, universality and more.

Finally the conference came to conclusion and addressed the question of a strategy for Transformation!

That was the time I got a chance to speak for few minutes!

I mentioned two points!

One was about the strategy of an American founding father Thomas Jefferson who ordered a Quran in English and read it before writing the Declaration of Independence and before deeply influencing the American Constitutional discussion . He kept emphasizing on religious liberty which without a doubt is an Islamic and Quranic order. We need to promote religious liberty in its Islamic and human notion in our diverse Muslim communities and nations. Religious liberty is not just respecting all the sects and schools of thoughts but providing them all an equal opportunity in social and political leadership levels.

Another point that I mentioned was what happened to me early this morning while entering the building of UN in New York.

First I got my pass from the desk of the conference at the gate but then the security also asked me to show them my photo Id! I checked my wallet, I had every other Business and credit cards but somehow sadly I had left my driver license in the hotel room! Though everyone knew me, representing Islamic House of Wisdom but the security kept asking for photo id, they told me in this case there was no difference between me and the Secretary General of UN, we both need to have a photo id to get in! So I was forced to go back to the hotel in the crazy morning traffic jam of Manhattan and get my photo id in order to join the conference!

I shared this interesting story with the conference and concluded that one way to succeed in our Islamic Renascence is to start believing in the rule of law, I admired the security for reminding me this great lesson today!

We have so many stories in the life of our prophet and judgements of Imam Ali who acted not only on the rule of love but also the rule of law!

Let’s move toward the rule of law so we would never suffer from the dictatorships such as corrupt kingdom of Arabia and it’s satanic sisters!

As American citizens we must be promoting the notion of religious liberty and rule of law and protect our country from submitting to the racist forces of hatred, intolerance and division!

I would like to thank Al-Khoei Foundation and all other organizations who succeeded to have an Islamic and Shia conference at the Headquarter of UN in NYC! Inshaallah this is the first step in our journey of one thousand miles!

10/6/18: Faith Leaders Stood Against Detroit Water Shut-Offs at the spirit of Detroit-Hart Plaza October 4, 2018

Faith Leaders Stood Against Detroit Water Shut-Offs at the Spirit of Detroit- Hart Plaza!

October 4, 2018


Imam Elahi was among other faith leaders to address this peaceful protest!

These are few quotes from Imam Elahi during the ceremony and later in his media outreach!

"Michigan is blessed with so much rain and so many rivers and lakes! Michigan is not Somalia and it isn’t suffering from drought and major natural disasters, so to hear that thousands of poor families in this city denied access to water in their houses is absolutely embarrassing!

Imam Elahi called for practical plans so the residents can start paying their bills and get their water reconnected!

The problem is poverty and the solution is not to punish the poor, the solution is not more greed and negligence, the solution is not to deprive the poor from access to drinking water, taking shower, cooking and cleaning but showing more understanding, responsibility, sympathy and support for the vulnerable families in the city.

Water is a sacred substance both in the Bible and the Quran, it’s the source of life, prosperity and progress. 

Let’s share the clean water instead of turning it to a weapon to make more money to satisfy the greed of the wealthy and showing no grace and humanity for the thirsty and the needy!

It’s sad and silly to spend trillions of dollars by the Federal Government for wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Yemen and turn a blind eye to a water problems in Detroit which can be solved by applying a small portion of those resources!

Of course money matters but morality, justice, generosity and principles matter much more!"

Watch Part of Imam Elahi's Message: HERE

9/27/18: Imam Elahi's Prayer and Reflection at the International Day of Peace at Littlefield Pres

Imam Elahi's Prayer and Reflection at the International Day of Peace at Littlefield Presbyterian Church in Dearborn, Michigan!


September 23, 2018: The Imam spoke about some obstacles of peace including: injustice, discrimination, hate, hypocrisy, poverty, racism, intolerance, greed and warmongering.

He stated to establish peace we must work for justice, equality, religious freedom, faith and family values, recognition of human dignity, education and dialogue.

9/27/18: Imam Elahi's Presentation at the Interfaith Conference of Muslim and Catholic Communities in Divine Child Church in Dearborn Michigan!

Imam Elahi's Presentation at the Interfaith Conference of Muslim and Catholic Communities in Divine Child Church in Dearborn Michigan!


September 24, 2018

"How our communities experience of prayer can lead to positive action in fostering peace, greater understanding, and collaboration!"

First, I would like to thank Fr. Jim Bilot and Fr. Hatt Hood for hosting this historic event.

Just a brief background: During an interfaith Iftar dinner at IHW last Ramadan, honorable Archbishop Allen Vigneron sent a distinguished delegation with a dynamic message to our interfaith Iftar. The message was read by Bishop Robert Fisher who was accompanied by Fr. John Kasza and Mr. David Conrad from the Catholic Ecumenical Department.

To appreciate the Archbishop's honorable outreach, I invited some of our board members and community leaders including Dr. Ned Fawaz to join me to visit the Archbishop in his office and express our gratitude. We had an over hour friendly interfaith conversation. During that meeting Dr. Nasib asked the Archbishop to help continue this interfaith journey. The Archbishop agreed and a week later we received a call from David to meet in this church and discuss our further action. We met here in July, Fr. Jim was out of town but Fr. Hood was there (btw Hood in Arabic a great prophet, grandson of Noah. Probably Eber in Old Testament) and went through some pressing issues in our community and country. Br. David took notes and made to these three categories. Hopefully this would be a beginning for a long journey not only in Dearborn but all over the world. Nothing is local any more. You can have a whisper in your friend's ear in a small room but people all over the world would hear your whispering lol!

I am grateful of this assembly this evening. God already lead our prayer to a positive action. Many communities including Jewish, Catholic, Muslims and African Americans have gone through so many same challenges and struggles in history of our nation. For a long time Catholics faced so much fire and phobia. They were called a foreign domination and a threat to the nation. There was serious resistance to the citizenship of both Catholics and Jews. By 20th century they gained equal rights but the Muslim situation got even worse thank to president Trump. I don’t know what happened that president Thomas Jefferson was replaced with president Trump. Jefferson used to say I believe in one God but if you want to believe in 3 gods or even 20 gods, I don’t care. I want to make sure you are protected and enjoy equality regardless of your religious opinion.

Although the Catholics still suffer from a media war and kind of prejudice, yet from original number of 250000 reached to over 40 million Catholics in the US.

It wouldn’t happen if the Catholics would stay in the church and do prayer only. They worked so hard in education, medical services, business area to be where they are today.

We as Muslim community trying to put our prayer in practice but the propaganda against us is so powerful that many times won’t get the equal opportunity to do so.

Of course prayer is a fundamental feature in our faith. We must stop our activities 5 times a day to spend at least few minutes for prayer, to connect with God, remember God, to submit to Him, to take a spiritual shower, to repair any damaged cell in our souls, to get light and energy.

Imam Ali (as) distinguishes between 3 kinds of prayer, out of fear of fire, out of greed of the garden, out of admiration appreciation!

That is not a prayer by tongue only, but a prayer in mind, in heart, in intention and action. To the point that a person him/herself becomes embodiment of prayer. His talk, his walk, his breathings, his behaviors. We have hundreds and hundreds of prayer texts from our prophets and imams. Specially the book of supplications from imam Zainol-Abedeen.

My favorite Christian prayer is the peace prayer of Saint Francis. 

Lord make me an instrument of your peace where there is hatred

In the Quran the words salaat and dua prayer and supplication are mentioned over 300 times.

There are so many verses in the Quran teach us how Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad and other representatives of God’s heavenly Kingdom on this earth used to pray!

Also there are 40 special prayers in the Quran start with Rabbana Our Lord!

Since God is the absolute source of peace, love, light, beauty, perfection, mercy, glory, holiness, 

In these verses we ask for: guidance, light of knowledge mercy, forgiveness, patience, peace, prosperity, salvation, domination over our temptation, blessing for our parents and children and all faithful, help for the poor and oppressed, freedom from hate and hypocrisy, repentance, neighborhood next to the residence of the righteous on resurrection day. 

The Quran keeps encouraging us to pray!

When people ask about Me, I am close, answer the call of the caller, (2-186)

Never lose hope in His mercy, He would forgive all the sins (29-53)

One interesting point in the Quran is relationship between prayer and action, in many verses salaat comes with zakat. Prayer is relationship with the creator but charity is relationship with the creation. Prayer is not accepted if charity is not involved. 

Or the relationship between prayer and peace. 

I was talking in Littlefield Presbyterian Church in Dearborn last weekend on the anniversary of Day of Peace proposed by UN in 80s.

Yes we pray for peace, that is so powerful, nice and necessary but not enough. 

We must oppose the obstacles of peace such as human greed, selfishness, jealousy, hate, hypocrisy, discrimination, pain of poverty, racism, fear, violence and the culture of war-mongering.

Then stand for what contribute to the establishment of peace such as justice, equality, diversity, religious and cultural liberty and pluralism, recognizing human dignity, commitment to dialogue, diplomacy, advocating tolerance and peaceful coexistence, promoting family values and raising a generation faithful to moral principles and understanding the meaning and purpose of life. 

Interesting the person who is leading a group prayer must be Adel, means just!

What about the president? Lol

In Chapter 7 verse 29- God ordered me to establish justice and then pray!

Prayer of someone who backbites someone is not accepted for 40 days!

Yes prayer is power, protection, purification, purpose, security, balance, confidence, key to His kingdom, humbleness, healing, salvation, but it is not substitute for action.

When hurricane targeted puerto Rico and killed thousands of people, the people in power must do more that “ our prayers and thoughts go with them”

Famous sentence from MLK “we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish together as fools” and “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!

8/31/18: IHW Weekly Services For those Interested to Learn About the Islamic Faith

IHW Weekly Services For those Interested to Learn About the Islamic Faith!

While Islamophobia advances over the fear and ignorance of people about Islam, there are so many people in this country who follow the philosophy of the Founding Fathers such as Thomas Jefferson.

People who don’t consider corrupt, oppressive and messy monarchies such as Saudis and their ISIS school of thought as spokesmen of Islam and try to learn Islam from its real sources.

Instead of banning or burning the Quran, Jefferson ordered an English translation of the Quran to read and get a better understanding of the Islamic faith. Jefferson read the Quran almost a decade before writing the Declaration of Independence.

We at Islamic House of Wisdom spend so many hours of our weekly schedule to meet and converse with those who visit us tired of fake Islamophobia propaganda, searching for the truth. Our goal is not to convert people! Conversion is a matter of conscience and that is between a person and the Lord, our job is clarification. In my experiences of the last 27 years of face to face talking with people, I remember so many cases that people voluntarily pronounced the Shahada, which is to declare faith in One God and faith in His messengers including the Last one, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

Religious pluralism and protection of all faiths, not just tolerance, was the vision of Jefferson and his colleagues, a Constitutional legacy that makes America great!