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Ramadan Wishes from Imam Elahi

Thank you Allah for rewarding us with another Ramadan, an opportunity to celebrate the season of revelation, reflection and heavenly reception.
The journey of Ramadan starts with declaring sincere intentions to get as close to the Creator as possible. This can be achieved through reciting the holy Quran, performing extra prayers especially during the Nights of Power, practicing charity and kindness and sharing iftar with family, friends and strangers.  
Ramadan is about self-examination, determination and developing strong discipline over desires and temptations. The true fasting is about refraining from sinful expressions and actions, such as lying, backbiting, and humiliating others.
What makes every day and night of Ramadan really powerful is praying at the mosque because mosques welcome the entire family and offer education, public awareness and building community partnership based on the Quranic spirit and the true teachings of the prophet, his honorable family and righteous companions.
Islamic House of Wisdom welcomes everyone to its evening services every night at 7:30 pm. Program includes public or potluck iftar every night after the service. We are located at 22575 Ann Arbor Trail, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127.

05/08/14: Imam Elahi's Statement on Innocent Muslim Girls Kidnapped in Nigeria!

The Islamic Ummah is under fire everywhere from every direction! Tragically and sad, Muslims are being attacked in many areas of the world by those who desire power, domination, money and by criminal extremists who unconditionally submitted to the Satan, but acting evil in the name of God!
The Khawarej or the forces of darkness represent the age of jaheliyya (time of ignorance and barbarism).
The Satanic group of Boko Haram is part of an advanced cancer in the body of the Muslim umma! They kidnapped more than 200 school girls from their own tribes and proudly plan to sell them!
Where is the government of Nigeria and how can these crimes easily happen?
Every Muslim and every human being must condemn kidnapping of those innocent girls.
Extremism, terrorism and injustice should have no place in 21st century!
— Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi

04/15/14: Imam Elahi expressed his grief on the destruction of innocent lives in Kansas

Imam Elahi expressed his grief on the destruction of innocent lives in Kansas

On behalf of the Islamic House of Wisdom, we strongly condemn the horrific shooting in Overland Park, Kansas. We offer our thoughts and prayers to the families and the friends who lost a loved one and the entire communities that are affected. 

We as members of the interfaith community must condemn this evil act of ignorance and barbarism. We must work together to send a strong message against terrorism, racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and any other actions that target schools, places of worship, malls, any other establishments, individuals, or groups nationally or internationally!

In any issue and particularly when it comes to the tragedy of terrorism and destruction of innocent lives, there should be zero tolerance for any double standards, generalization and justification of violence.

Both imam Mustafa al-Turk and I as the co-chairs of Imams Council in Michigan decided to include this subject in the imams meeting that will take place today, Tuesday, April 15th.  

We offer our deepest condolences to all the families, and we pray that our communities and our leaders work together to defeat ignorance, racism and hatred. May God guide us all and help us to walk together in the path of truth, peace and justice.

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi

The founding imam of the Islamic House of Wisdom

2014 - New Year's Message from Imam Elahi

 Asalamo Alaikum, May the Peace & Blessings of God be with you!

During this snowy and frigid Michigan weather, I would like to offer the faithful community everywhere my warmest and best wishes for the new year. This holiday season started with the birthday of Jesus, the son of the virgin Mary with the upcoming  birthday of Prophet Mohammad, the son of Abdullah and Amaneh (Peace be upon them all).   

We started this year with prayers for peace, calling for an end to wars and destruction of life and property. Let's appreciate this new opportunity and use the journey of 2014 to search for peace and justice for all. This is a new chance to make positive changes in our lives.

With faith we can conquer our fear and foster the desire and the determination to build a world with less chaos and confusion and more understanding, enthusiasm and meaningful interactions.

We need more kindness not killing, more love not insanity, more forgiveness not curse, more humility not ego, more healing not hatred, more vision not ignorance, more prosperity not poverty and more truth not deception.

Jesus and Mohammad were ambassadors of peace, love and reconciliation. Let's use their characters as a moral compass of kindness, honesty, service

and sacrifice for humanity. Let's save their birthplace, the Middle East, from the flames of war that are burning both Muslims and Christians! In the religion of the peacemakers, there is no place for warmongers and terrorism supporters.   

I urge the Muslims everywhere to place the Friday prayer on the top of their spiritual resolutions for this year.

We at the Islamic House of Wisdom ask our community to declare the year of 2014 as the year of promotion of moral principles. We ask to make every day of this year a "Divine Day," a Thanksgiving Day, a day of triumph over temptations and bad habits, a day of spiritual fitness, a day of returning to our original pure nature and a day of showing the characteristics of God through our intentions, expressions and actions.   

The focus of the Friday prayer sermons in the first ten weeks of this year will be makarm al-Akhlagh, the highest spiritual standards and moral manners.

We urge the local faithful to bless their New Year by including this one-hour service in their weekly schedule. It is one hour of prayers, awareness, education, visiting the House of God, meeting with other community members and celebrating the unity of God, the unity of the universe and the unity of humanity.  

   Your humble servant,                    _________________________________________________________

Mohammad Ali Elahi


10/23/13: Congratulations on Eid al-Ghadir

Congratulations on the Eid of Al-Qadir to all lovers of the prophet (pbuh) and his Ahlol-Bait (sa)
Al-Qadir is the day when the prophet (pbuh) declared the welaya of Imam Ali (sa)
The day of declaration of brotherhood and sisterhood among the members of faith community.
Volunteer fasting; extra prayer, reciting ziyara of Imam Ali, doing some more charity, showing more love and smile to one another are part of day of Al-Qadir recommendations!
We break our fast and honor this Eid this Thursday at Islamic House of Wisdom!
On this day we exchange this expression after saying salaam to one another!
الحمدالله الذی جعلنا من المتمسکین بولایه امیرالمومنین والایمه علیهم السلام.

10/14/13: Eid al-Adha Message from Imam Elahi & Tomorrow's Eid Services

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

بسم رب الكبرياء والعظمة ورب العفو والرحمة

نرفع أسمي آيات التهاني الي بقية الله الاعظم(عج) والي الامة الاسلامية بمناسبة عيد الاضحي المبارك

أعاده الله علينا بالخير والعافية والرحمة والرضوان

Eid al-Adha is a Divine Day. A day when the hero of monotheism, Prophet Abraham (sa) expressed his absolute obedience when he started sacrificing his only son at that time, under his Lord's command!

Yes, Abraham (sa) the founding father of our faith taught us the true meaning of sincerity, submission, suffering and sacrifice!

Eid al-Adha, this Faith Festival is another opportunity to return to the Lord, the source of all beauties, perfections, love, peace and salvation. It is a time to ask for guidance, grace and for an end of these miserable conditions in the lives of our fellow humans in the world!

The cancerous disease of dishonesty, deception, injustice and oppression is destroying countries and communities.

Terrorism in the name of traditions, ego and ignorance in the name Allah, dictatorship in the name of defending democracy and barbaric bloodshed in the name of fighting for freedom give no break even during this sacred month, and a sacred Eid, which were honored even in the Jaheliya age!

O Lord of love and justice, we humbly pray to You on the eve of this Abrahamic event to help, heal and save those hungry, homeless, suffering and victims of warmongering and oppression  on this planet.

Our special prayer for the victims of barbarism and brutality in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Egypt, Bahrain and Burma!

May the grace of God, the guidance of the Quran, the wisdom of Mohammad (pbuh) the love of the Ahlul-Bayt(sa) heal this Ummah and replace their pain and poverty with prosperity and their daily death and destruction with peace and reconciliation.

We wish our pilgrims a successful journey and safe return, while their hajj accepted, their sins forgiven, their souls are purified and transformed forever!

Let us continue this conversation and prayer tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday when we gather to pray at the Islamic House of Wisdom or any other house of worship in America and other places of this Earth, Inshaallah.

Congratulations, Happy Eid Al-Adha to the people of faith!

      Allah Ma'akum, Khoda Hafez, Sincerely,

Mohammad Ali Elahi

Imam of Islamic House of Wisdom

Dearborn Heights Michigan

09/18/13: Imam Elahi appreciates the powerful message of the Pope calling for peace in Syria!

Imam Elahi appreciates the powerful message of the Pope calling for peace in Syria! 

Imam's Message to the Archbishop of Detroit.   

Honorable Archbishop of Detroit,  Allen Vigneron, 

The of message of His excellency Pope Francis declaring this Saturday as a day of prayer and fasting over the war and violence in Syria was extremely enlightening and inspiring.

"I appeal strongly for peace,War begets war, violence begets violence. I exhort the in

ternational community to make every effort to promote clear proposals for peace in that country without further delay, a peace based on dialogue and negotiation, for the good of the entire Syrian people."

We sincerely appreciate this passionate and powerful message of peace and reconciliation, meant to end this brutal and bloody war in Syria!
The Pope used the name of Mary, Queen of Peace to bless the peaceful efforts and help bringing healing through dialogue and reconciliation in Syria.

The Quran admires the virgin Mary 34 times by name and honers her purity, love and leadership in many more verses. Certainly Mary and her heavenly son should be of the strongest links of unity and bridge building between the Muslim and Christian worlds.

Extremism, terrorism, war and killing of innocent people under any name, with any kind of weapon are crimes against God and humanity. As we pray for peace, we ask for an objective and independent investigation free of politics and media games to serve the cause of truth and justice in Syria.

The message of the Pope is an extremely meaningful, moral, humble and honest outreach to the world about the  suffering Syrians and bloodshed. This can be celebrated as another turning point in development of more dialogue, understanding and cooperation between Christian and Muslim nations!

I will ask the Muslim community during our next Friday prayer to demonstrate their support for the Pope's path of peace. This is a wonderful opportunity for our faithful communities in the metropolitan area to take advantage of this inspiring call and participate in any prayer and action that promotes peace and stand against acceleration of the war and violence.

Please let me know if the Archdiocese of Detroit is planning any prayer like the one that will be held in Saint Peter's Square, so i can share the information with the members of our congregation. I am sure that many faithful would love to come and join you in a prayer for peace and reconciliation.
Please pass our best regards and salutations to His excellency, Pope Francis!
Salaam - Peace!
    Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi 

09/12/13: Imam Elahi's Interfaith Prayer On the Anniversary of 9/11 at Dearborn City Hall






      September 12, 2013    



Imam Elahi's Interfaith Prayer On the Anniversary of 9/11 at Dearborn City Hall    

Yesterday, September 11, 2013-  Leaders and members of the Interfaith community gathered at Dearborn City Hall for a service of prayer and remembrance of 9/11.  

To view more photo highlights: click here!  

Below is an excerpt of Imam Elahi's benediction prayer:  

       We are here this evening  to honor the memory of 3000 innocent Americans and other nationalities who lost their lives more than a decade ago, on September 11 2001.

      The tragic terrorist attack on the Trade Center in New York was an unspeakable crime not only against America and humanity but against a peaceful religion, hijacked by the forces of ignorance and greed.

     We should never forget that tragic time, the suffering, and the sacrifice of the victims and the painful wounds on the hearts of their families.

   Prayer is the most powerful medicine to bless those souls and to heal those hearts with hope and determination!

    Prayer is the best spiritual protection, purification, and the purpose of creation according to our Abrahamic traditions!

     This is why 9/11 is a National Day of Prayer! A day of remembrance and reflection, a day of sadness for the lost souls and solidarity with their survivals.

    A day of salutation and support for those individuals and organizations whose maximum courage and commitment in saving lives in the most desperate moments of need in 9/11, brought maximum pride and dignity for our nation.

      As we mourn the lost lives, we move forward to defend the principles of freedom and justice, to work together in the path of peace and prosperity for our nation and the world.

      We honor that legacy and commit ourselves to continue our cooperation as one nation in any humanitarian project that promotes peace and prosperity, comfort and harmony for our fellow citizens and the world.

    We ask You, O Lord to open our hearts and minds to Your heavenly peace.

    To shower Your wisdom, vision, grace and love upon us, let us be Your ambassadors of reconciliation, peace, compassion, justice, generosity and salvation!

     Provide us with great victory over our internal enemies, ignorance, ego, arrogance, anger, jealousy, hypocrisy, selfishness, prejudice and hate!

     Help us to stand against poverty, racism, war, violence, corruption and oppression.

        O Lord, those agents of terror and tragedy who lost their sense of   humanity and caused the 9/11 catastrophe keep recruiting more suicide   bombers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon and now in Syria.

O God,  They practice all kinds of brutality and bloodshed under Your name.  Please confuse their plans and save the innocents from their harm and  evils.

They forgot what You said in the Old Testament and the Quran that:

"Destroying one innocent soul is equal to destruction of all mankind". 

      O God protect our country from another 9/11 and save those countries suffering from their daily 9/11!

     Let America be the symbol of liberation, rule of law, democracy and diversity! 

        Let our nation be a role model of love, logic, respect, tolerance,  bridge building and brotherhood. A nation of John F Kennedy and Martin  Luther King!

Bless American pluralism, so we celebrate our similarities and appreciate our differences!

    Let's learn   from Noah's patience, from Abraham submission, from Moses courage, from  Jesus love, from Mohammad wisdom and from You all of the meanings, all  beauties and all the perfections!     Ameen!



In the Name of God



  Modern Syria gained its independence from France in 1946, but since has lived through periods of political instability driven by conflicting interests of various groups. Currently, Syria is undergoing a tragic two-year period of violence culminating in atrocious crimes against humanity from conflicting military forces fighting for the leadership of Syria.  Innocent civilians have paid dearly for this ongoing conflict and no end appears in sight for their suffering.  The world has witnessed an increasingly uncontrollable state of war fueled by political interests of several nations on each side and sectarian animosity towards certain communities within Syria.  Terrorist organizations from Arab and South Asian countries have sent thousands of fighters to Syria to fight alongside opposition groups, while the Syrian Government is continuing its brutal military campaign.  It is vital that the world community comes together in an effort to peacefully solve Syria’s humanitarian crisis.

The United States is now involved in a national debate on whether to take military action against Syria. Politicians of both major political parties remain opposed to a military intervention. (Appendix A)


  We, the undersigned, acting under the collective conscience of Shia Muslims in the United States of America and guided by the principles of justice promulgated by the Holy Prophet (sawa) and his immaculate household (Ahlul Bayt) (as), solemnly believe and declare as follows:
  • We unambiguously and unequivocally condemn the killing of innocent civilians in Syria, regardless of race, religion, sect, ethnicity, nationality, or political allegiance. The killing of innocent civilians constitutes an abhorrent and illegal act under all acknowledged principles of war and international law.  It can never be justified by any cause.   
  • We condemn the kidnapping, torture, and execution of any individuals, and are opposed to any groups that engage in this type of behavior.
  • We condemn the usage of chemical weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction by any party to the conflict.
  • We are committed to a Syria that will espouse the values of freedom, human rights, justice, and equality; a Syria that secures the rights of both the majority and the minority, and expresses the viewpoints of all Syrians committed to peace.
  • The international community must be united in the preservation of human rights and the upholding of humanitarian law.
  • Given that certain ethnic, sectarian, and religious communities are smaller in size and unable to protect themselves, it is imperative for the international community to protect minority communities from annihilation at the hands of militants.
  • It is imperative that all parties work to ensure that religious buildings, monuments and other important sites of historic relevance are not targeted, desecrated, or attacked in any fashion. The aspects of religion that are important to any of Syria’s people, regardless of whether they are Christian, Shia, Sunni, Kurdish, Druze, Alawite or of any other belief set or group, must be respected.
  • We believe in a non-violent solution to the crisis at hand, and support the efforts of international leaders to resolve this issue through diplomacy and dialogue, rather than through violence or other military action. We call for an immediate ceasefire by all parties involved under the auspices of the United Nations, and the preparation for a transitional government that represents the will of the Syrian people.
  • We believe that such a peaceful resolution cannot be achieved by means of foreign military intervention.  History has taught us on innumerable occasions that foreign military intervention merely accomplishes the addition of another party to the conflict with the tendency of further escalating violence.  Thus, we hold firmly that foreign military intervention would be counterproductive to achieving a peaceful resolution in Syria.
  • We hold that a military intervention in Syria does not serve the national security interests of the United States.  Past military intervention in such conflicts has proven to generate increased extremist recruitment along with attacks against the United States and its allies.
  • We believe that a peaceful resolution must be based on the premise of diplomacy with the end goal of facilitating the establishment of a representative government that espouses the values of freedom, human rights, justice, and equality for all Syrians.  Such a government should be administratively aided by the United Nations in order to ensure free and fair democratic elections.
Therefore, we pray to the Almighty for a swift, peaceful, and positive resolution to this conflict, and for an end to the fighting that has led to the horrific deaths of countless civilians and the plight of over two million Syrian refugees.


  • Baitul Ilm, IL.
  • Council of Shia Muslim Scholars in North America
  • Imamia Medics International, I.M.I.
  • Imam Khoei Center, NY.
  • Islamic Education Center of Orange County, CA. – I.E.C.O.C.
  • Islamic House of Wisdom, MI.
  • Islamic Information Center – I.I.C.
  • Muslims for Peace
  • Muslim Foundation, NJ.  – M.F.I.
  • Organization of North American Shia Ithnasheri Muslim Communities - N.A.S.I.M.C.O.
  • Shia Association of North America, NJ.
  • Shia Rights Watch
  • Souls March
  • Universal Muslim Association of America – U.M.A.A.


                                                                                                                                                                                                    Senator Christopher S. Murphy (D – CT):
  • "I enter this debate extremely skeptical that military intervention can improve the situation in Syria, a position I've held since the beginning of this conversation, and believe that any action we take should start with increased humanitarian aid both inside and outside the country."
Senator Marc Rubio (R – FL): 
  • “While I have long argued forcefully for engagement in empowering the Syrian people, I have never supported the use of U.S. military force in the conflict.  And I still don’t. I remain unconvinced that the use of force proposed here will work.”
Senator Ted Cruz (R – TX):
  • “We should be focused on defending the United States of America. That’s why young men and women sign up to join the military, not to, as you know, serve as Al Qaeda’s air force.”
Senator John Boozman (R – AR):
  • "It is almost certain that limited strikes will not destroy Assad’s ability to continue to murder his own people, with or without chemical weapons, and it will absolutely draw the U.S. down the path of greater involvement in the conflict."
Senator Tom Harkin (D – IA):
  • "We should not rush into what may become a new open-ended war without broad international backing or a full understanding of the ramifications.”
Rodney Alexander (R – LA 5):
  • "At this time, Congressman Alexander does not feel it is in our best interests to take military action," his spokeswoman, Jamie Hanks, said.
 Representative Justin Amash (R – MI 3):
  • "At the end of the day, it's our resources and our sons and daughters who end up fighting these wars. It's time to start saying no to other countries, that they need to start taking responsibility for themselves."
Representative Michele Bachmann (R – MN 6):
  • "I am adamantly opposed to President Obama starting another war in the Middle East and plan to vote against military intervention in Syria."
Representative Paul Tonko (D – NY 20):
  • “There’s no denying that people being gassed, youngsters being gassed, is horrific, immoral and unacceptable, but I think we need to move with caution because of many dynamics."
Representative Kurt Schrader (D – OR 5):
  • "I remain opposed to authorizing the unilateral use of U.S. forces — limited or not — without strong international support and clear, attainable objectives."


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06/27/13: A new president, a new era in Iran

A new president, a new era in Iran

By Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi

Thursday, 06.27.2013, 07:27pm- Arab American News

On June 14, 2013, Iranians passionately participated in their presidential election and chose HojjatolIslam Dr. Hassan Rouhani to serve as the 7th president, since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. 

I have known Dr. Rouhani for 37 years. He is the right man, at the right time, for the right job. He is a man of faith and determination, mind and manner, knowledge and experience, rationality and righteousness.

Dr. Rouhani has a strong seminary background, which includes a PhD from the University of Glasgow, and has written almost 100 books and articles.  He has also supervised 700 research projects, in addition to a great number of national and international presentations on a variety of social, political and religious issues.   Dr. Rouhani’s work has earned him a very special place among the Islamic Republic’s leaders.

The president elect’s educational background, combined with his decades of experience and successful services in legislation, national security, defense and nuclear negotiations with international atomic agencies and world governments, are just a part of the new president’s credits and qualities. 

What I admire most about Dr. Rouhani is his ethical character and moral values.  Voting for Rouhani was a vote for the rule of law, democracy, civil rights, peace and prosperity.  In addition, it was a vote for wisdom, patience and humbleness, which are what have inspired people the most.

It was his solidarity with a founding father of the Islamic republic, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, and previous president, Sayyed Mohammad Khatami, that promoted the presidency of Dr. Rouhani.  It was also the indirect support of leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei that helped this democratic process and prevented the extremists from sabotaging Rouhani’s election.

The highest leaders of Iran heard the voice of the people and recognized that continuing on the previous path would cause more disastrous destruction of the economy, image, interests and ethics of the country. 

The observations of extremely happy celebrations in the streets across Iran, reminded me of the public passion of the people after the victory of the revolution in 1979. People have happily welcomed a new chapter, new era, and new hope for a better future, which will be blessed with freedom, justice, prosperity, honesty, trust and confidence in their new administration.  The next step for the president is to practice what he preached during his campaign.

Dr. Hassan Rouhani.It is obvious that the resolution of tremendous social, political, economic and ethical issues cannot happen in one night, or by one man. The leader’s job is to provide the key; it will be up to all citizens to help open the doors of opportunity. It will take some time to address the high rate of unemployment, poverty and corruption that are the result of bad management on the inside and unjust and blind sanctions on the outside.

Certainly, with a mutual understanding and cooperation between the supreme leader and the president, along with the support of millions of energized youth, progress will be reached earlier than is expected.

It is my hope that this election provides a road map to the Arab World, whose "Spring" has been suppressed by dictators, or hijacked by extremists, to discover the right path and turn the current regional bloodshed to love, brotherhood and cooperation. 

Both Sharia laws and international laws have allowed for the president elect to be moderate and understanding; Whereas, the sectarianism in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan has been fueled by foolish fatwas that lack the wisdom, compassion and justice of either Sharia, or international laws. In Rouhani’s democratic pattern no room exists for Takfiry ideology of Al-Qaida and other terrorism organizations.

Our message to president Obama:

Now that the people of Iran have made their point through a democratic election and have chosen a responsible president, who answers questions with honesty and integrity, it is now your administration’s turn to respect the rights of Iranians, end this unjust economic war against them, and stop helping the Saudi government by sending Al-Qaida Takfiry followers to create further bloodshed in the region, in the name of putting pressure on Iran.

The victory of Rouhani serves as a big test for our administration. It is in the best interests of the United States and Iran to move toward a new diplomacy and remove all these painful sanctions that hurt the innocent citizens.  Let’s not make the same mistakes that President Bush made during the democratic rule of president Khatami.

Let’s pass this test with integrity and honesty, through both expression and action. 

Fortunately the tone of the international community towards Iran has already changed. The message of the P5+1 (Britain, China, France, Russia, and the U.S., plus Germany) towards the Iranian election and the invitation of President-elect Rouhani to the Geneva conference on Syria may signify a new era of communication and engagement.

Among world politicians, only Netanyahu is angry over the election in Iran, as he believes that, with Rouhani, it will be more difficult to mobilize the world against Iran. 

I hope that our Congress keeps a distance from external political selfishness that show complete disregard for American interests and integrity. 

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi is the Director of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights, Michigan


06/16/13: Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi Congratulated the President-Elect Dr. Hasan Rouhani, the Leaders and people of Iran!

      June 16, 2013    

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi Congratulated the President-Elect Dr. Hasan Rouhani, the Leaders and people of Iran!

بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

پیروزی حجة الاسلام و المسلمین جناب آقای دکتر حسن روحانی بعنوان رئیس جمهور منتخب ملت ایران ، پیروزی مردی است با ایمان و استقامت ، تفکر و تجربه ، دانش و تعهد ، اخلاق و اعتماد و بلاخره تدبیر و امید

این پیروزی افتخار انگیز را به مقام رهبری حضرت آیة الله سيد علي خامنئي، آية الله هاشمي رفسنجاني ، آیة الله سيد حسن خميني ، حجة الإسلام و المسلمين جناب آقای سید محمد خاتمی ، و همه احاد ملت بزرگوار ایران تبریک میگویم

انتخاب دکتر روحانی انقلاب جدیدی در ارزشهای اخلاقی، آزادیهای مشروع سیاسی ، صلح و آشتی ملی ، امیدواری به رفاه اجتماعی و مقابله با حصارهای نا جوانمردانه اقتصادی است . امید است این انتخاب آگاهانه و عظمت برانگیز نه تنها موفقیتی در اصلاحات داخلی بلکه به نقطه ای الهام بخش و امید آفرین در دنیای اسلام تبدیل شده و بتواند به شکست جاهلیت جدیدی که با توطئة تفکر تکفیری، نابودی حرث و نسل منطقه را هدف قرار داده ، بینجامد

پایان تاریکستان فتنه های خونین در خاورمیانه و شکست ایدئولژیهای تروریستی در گرو انتخابات آزاد و عادلانه و بدنبال آن حضور نیروهای مخلص و معتدل در صحنه مبارزه و سازندگی است . پیروزی برادر گرامی جناب آقای دکتر حسن روحانی بر همه طرفداران آزادی ، عدالت ، رفاه و سعادت مبارک باد

به مناسبت برپائی موفقیت آمیز انتخابات در ایران مراسم جشنی توسط هموطنان ایرانی ساکن میشیگان در دار الحکمه اسلامی برگزار میشود ،  از همه ایرانیان علاقه مند به سرافرازی وطن برای شرکت در این مراسم دعوت میشود.

جهت اطلاعات بیشتر با دفتر دارالحکمه تماس حاصل فرمایید

محمد علی الهی

 امام و مؤسس دار الحکمه الاسلامیه

Islamic House of Wisdom
22575 Ann Arbor Trail
Dearborn Hts. MI, 48127
Fax: 313.359.170


05/15/13: Imam Elahi's Message to Members of the Shia-Sunni Imams Council in Michigan

      May 15, 2013    

Imam Elahi's Message to Members of the Shia-Sunni Imams Council in Michigan

Dear Imams and Religious leaders! Salaam and Blessings!

The enclosed video and link show an anti government rebel eating the heart of a Syrian soldier.
These are horrific footage and stories, which have been condemned by the United Nations as war crimes.

I have a humble request for all the imams and leaders of Friday prayers to collectively condemn this extremely uncivilized and barbaric attack on humanity in sermons of this Friday.

Unfortunately these evil acts are committed in Syria's civil war every day. When a similar crime was committed against martyr Hamza, the uncle of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) in the battle of Ohod, the messenger of God asked the Muslim community to show their sadness for Shahid Hamza with the tears of their eyes!

This is not about whether you are for or against the government of Syria; it is about crimes against Islam and humanity. It is about stopping the criminals from continuity of their ugly acts under the slogan of "Allah Akbar" and in the name of our peaceful and compassionate faith. Those terrorists are the biggest enemies of Islam and humanity.

They are fueling the fire of Islamophobia and there is no room in any religion or even any atheist ideology for this kind of evil and practices.

The Syrian civil war is a devastating war to all Syrians, Muslims and Christians. We pray for a quick solution to stop the bloodshed and spare innocent lives, a solution that would allow the return of hundreds of thousands of refugees to their homes.
Certainly the war in Syria is not a war between the Sunni and Shia, and those who are committing crimes in Syrian are not real Muslims. In addition, both Shia and Sunni's in Syria are the target of horrible terror and destruction.

Syria is a great nation and a wonderful civilization. The Syrians, like everyone else, deserve to live a good life under the rule of law and respect for civil rights but the Syrians themselves must determine their political destinations.

Certainly there is no military solution for the conflict in Syria. We must support a diplomatic resolution to end this catastrophic conflict.

At the same time, please pray for the suffering people in Burma, the Muslims who go through daily genocide and barbarism in Myanmar. The world must break its sinful silence while observing the brutal bloodshed of the poor and the oppressed in Burma.

- Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi

04/16/13: Imam Elahi's statement on the tragedy of Boston's bomb attack!

 Imam Elahi's statement on the tragedy of Boston's bomb attack!          


April 16, 2013: We at the Islamic House of Wisdom strongly condemn the tragic and criminal bomb attack on the Boston Marathon. Regardless of who the perpetrators might be and what their purpose was, this evil and cowardly crime has no place in any faith or human integrity and common sense. Participants of the Marathon had no political agenda, they attended a peaceful exercise to live a healthy life without any thought their lives would be put at risk.

Our prayers go out to all the suffering families in Boston. We pray for a fast recovery and healing of those who were wounded.

 At the same time we condemn the daily deadly terrorist attacks in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other areas in the Middle East. Criminal Al-Qaeda agents and their allies ruthlessly target innocent civilians in the mosques, churches, markets, and other public places. Thousands of people are losing their lives or get injured every week. The terrorists are getting all kinds of support from some regional authoritarian regimes. Continuity of support for the terrorists in the Middle East may inspire other evil forces in the USA and Europe to copy and carry similar criminal operations such as the Boston brutality.

Our administration should demonstrate zero tolerance for terrorism, regardless of region, race, religion or political relationship!

Its a duty for the Muslim community according to the true teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) to stand against terrorism under any name or motivation.

While we enjoy the opportunities in America, we must remember our responsibility in promotion of what is good and prevention of what is evil. Again we pray for the victims and the suffering survivals of the Boston Marathon!

03/28/13: Letter to Catholic Interfaith Friends on the Occasion of Newly elected Pope

      March 28, 2013    

Letter to Catholic Interfaith Friends on the Occasion of Newly elected Pope

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Honorable Archbishop Allen Vigneron, yourself and the Catholic community in Detroit and the world on the election of Pope Francis. Certainly the news, "We have a pope" is extremely exiting for our brothers and sisters in the Catholic faith.

God willing interfaith relations between Muslims and Christians will keep improving, as we continue working together for peace and justice.

Many nations, in particular in the Middle East and Africa, suffer from the pain of poverty, war, violence, extremism and racism. Sincere dialogue, wisdom, love and kindness are among the best answer for the current chaos, confusion and crises in those regions.

We will continue to put our hearts and minds together and ask the Almighty to bless our cooperation for the sake of building a better world.

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi
Islamic House of Wisdom


03/28/13: Imam Elahi's message on the Occasions of Easter & Passover!

Imam Elahi's message on the Occasions of Easter & Passover!          

      March 28, 2013    

Imam Elahi's message on the Occasions of Easter & Passover!    

Dear Interfaith Partners:
I would like to take this opportunity of Easter and Passover to wish our interfaith friends in both the Christian and the Jewish communities a happy holiday!

We send our best wishes, as you honor this season with prayers, fasting and spending time in places of worship.

The story of Moses and his courage and leadership to liberate his community continues to inspire all oppressed people who cry for freedom from the Pharaohs of our time.

Reflecting on the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus, his passion, love and heavenly vision for humanity make any season holy and filled with blessing.

We ask the Compassionate Creator, The Loving Lord of the worlds to save this earth from the terror of war, destruction and oppression. To guide the family of Abraham to the path of purity, peace, justice and freedom for all the human family.

Your humble interfaith friend,

Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi


03/03/13: Imam Elahi statement on the occasion of recent explosion between the two holy shrines in Karbala-Iraq!

Imam Elahi statement on the occasion of recent explosion between the two holy shrines in Karbala-Iraq!

قال رسول الله( ص) " كل المسلم على المسلم حرام، دمه وماله وعرضه"

March 3, 2013

The explosion between two holy shrines of Karbala was the continuity of explosions in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and other parts of the Middle East. They may commit these crimes in the name sectarianism, but truthfully it has nothing to do with Shia-Sunni schools of thoughts! These are evil acts of barbarism based on ignorance, arrogance, selfishness, greed, money, power, and domination. The agents of this evil and ugly brutality have lost their path and purpose in life; they are people with no heart and humanity.

They meant to destroy the shrines and their visitors, but they destroyed any foundation of their own human integrity, responsibility, and love. They were in the holiest parts on Earth and had the chance to be better than angels but they chose to be worse than the lowest animals on Earth.

I hope one day the Imams of the Grand Mosques in Mekkah and Medina and other religious headquarters in the Islamic world will wake up and condemn these crimes that occur in the name of God and in the name of the Sunna, and tell the world that those criminals who destroy the lives of the innocents have no place in the teachings of our Holy Prophet (pbuh).

Let us pray not only for those innocent victims but their suffering and their heartbroken families. Let’s help the orphans of these tragic terrorist attacks with our love and sympathy, and support them financially so they celebrate the lives of their martyrs and defeat the evil forces of darkness, hate and hypocrisy.

Imam Elahi